Nyarth’s Tracking of Pokémon HeartGold 1.1

Another yet quick update on my progress in Pokemon Heartgold. Damn how I completely abandoned Final Fantasy XIII

I have now claimed my third gym badge.

My trainer card as of now…

My Pokemon party upgraded 8D

Like how Pidgeotto is flying yet stalking behind me all the time…

I named my Wooper KingFisher *crosses fingers someone will get the reference*

My party after the rename.

Me sucking at Voltorb Flip. I find it ridiculous how in the western Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver (in the Japanese version it’s still there) they cutted out the fruit machines and all the other gambling games since they thought gambling is bad for kids. They freaking included it in the RPG games 10 years running and now they just realised? Strangely enough Nintendo haven’t made a official announcement on the ommition… Sheesh.

A cunning video of me failing the Minesweeper/Picross clone game…

Yes, that’s me playing 8D

I end my post.


8 thoughts on “Nyarth’s Tracking of Pokémon HeartGold 1.1

  1. Start lvl the other pokemons then Rexxy! the gap is quite big compared to the rest.

    I really dont know whats that voltorb thingy though <.< never saw it…was it in the old one?


    1. I keep trying that is, however I always tend to constantly rely on Quilava/Rexxy either if the other Pokemon have fainted from training or just that he takes care of things the quickest and effectively…

      Waiting until school starts again in a few weeks so that I can use my Pokewalker sufficiently 8D


    1. Ok I’m noting this down. Actually, any legendary would do. Except Latias. She looked like a chicken in Ruby/Sapphire while in battle. I cannot be a chicken.


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