Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou – First Impression

Your obligatory fanboy.

Presenting in my fourth Spring Anime First Impression line of post, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou!

A “brief” summary;

  • Akuto meets Junko supposedly through fate, who are coincidentally both going to some Magical Acedemy.
  • While on the levitating train, it seems that Akuto is a transfer student and that his life long dream is to become some kind of priest, and to make the world a better place. Junko decides to “aid” him on his quest and sworn truths with each other through a sword.
  • When Junko goes in front of the sorting hat err… vocational raven to determine his future, things suddenly go out of place when the raven predicts that he’ll be a demon lord, the same kind who thwart the world into chaos 100 years ago in the story. This obviously makes Akuto flip and shocked, smashing up his ambition to being a priest into tiny little pieces…
  • Heading into his given classroom, he realises he is in the same class as Junko. After introducing himself, the whole class panics and runs to the other end of the classroom, terrified of Akuto as countless rumours revolving around him has been passed after the raven’s prediction.
  • More misunderstandings are formed as what Akuto says in his introduction, which were put to a halt by the teacher Mitsuko-sensei who places him to the back of the classroom.
  • Junko suddenly declares a battle to the death against Akuto after seemingly “embarrasing her” in front of the whole class and for the postion of class president thing…apparently.
  • Akuto claims victory after a surprise doom blast from his right arm when came to contact with Junko’s wooden sword. Destroying the interior classroom while stripping Junko of her clothes…
  • At the end of the day, Akuto meets Hiroshi, who is apparently his personal fanboy. Hiroshi aids him in heading over to the girls dorms so that he can clear up the misunderstandings with Junko.
  • A sudden cheesy cat and mouse chase breaks out when Junko is apparently embarrassed again when she see Akuto outside her window and is seen by other students through their windows.
  • Akuto bumps into Kena who was for some reason outside in the middle of the forest, defending him when Junko had appeared in front of them.
  • Junko passes Kena through her cloning technique so that she can beat the crap out of Akuto.
  • The same thing happens again as when in the classroom that Akuto blasts another one of his doom blasts, but this time at a more bigger scale. Kena is left on top of him while Junko is again left defeated with her robe all ripped, leaving her in the nude…again.
  • A mysterious female character appears just shortly after the blast, who claims to be an observer! Thus ending the first episode.

I watched the censored version…damn

Isn’t that the Pope?

Damn censors

*Re-uploaded to bayimg since imageshack disapproves of this screen

In the uncensored version the cloth covering her boobs would have been absent…

More censors…why

Steroids ftw!

Erm… wut?

Strangely enough Kena is voiced by Aki Toyasaki.

Kena is now my favourite character of this anime.

This anime is just lolz, misunderstandings set to the max (like Hayate…haha) while the mass censors just becomes goddamn annoying.

The plot looks alright, boy enters magical academy, meets a harem of wizard and bioactive girls, misunderstandings are formed, baddies are revealed- wait, I think I’ve seen this from somewhere… and the vocational raven looks quite suspicious too… *coughsortinghatfromharrypottercough*

The opening… well the first episode didn’t have a opening. The ending however was present, and it’s nothing that special really… just credits rolling from bottom to top centered while a clutzy animation featuring the characters is played in the background. Hope there’ll be a better ending sequence in future episodes though…

On a more devious note, Junko is actually the first ever female character I’ve seen in a anime to wear some sort of T-back panties (this being a fudonshi thingy) revealing her bare pair of butts (nyahha). Of course, with all the censors going on, I can safely assume that this is a partial ecchi slash borderline hentai anime series. And I say partial as I think the plot in Daimaou is more mainstream and important while the ecchi and nude elements are just simply an addition to draw in the seinen audience. Sadly what I believe is letting this anime down is the censors and how obvious and annoying they are. They’re also kind of pointless from what I think since at times they censor the exposure of Junko’s pantsu shot and sometimes they don’t. What’s up with that, either they censor every exposure of Junko’s bee-hind or not. Censoring only 40% of the panty shots are just pointless and a waste a time for all I care…

Needless to say, Daimaou is a butt-kicking anime (no joke intended) while the censors and the not-so-special service brings the anime’s quality down a bit, the plot and the characters would surely make up for all that.

Sadly despite my little fondness f this anime,  I don’t actually acknowledge this as a “must see” for this season as due to the unoriginal plot in hand…

Update: Oh ‘kay I…take it all back. The second episode was totally the opposite of what I said. Full of obligatory service and nude shots, while the ending sequence made me feel a little nauseous (wtf is with the harem kissing!??).

Plot seems to advancing and it’s actually turning out pretty well. Keena (correct way to write it seems) still remains as my favourite character of Daimaou.