K-ON!! – First Impression

Oh the nostalgia…

A certain brief summary:

  • Yui jams on her guitar early in the morning in the club room on the first day of the third semester, the rest appears shortly after.
  • They all go to the bulletin board to see which classes they’re in their final year, luckily they’re all in the same class as devised by Sawako-sensei, who is also their new teacher.
  • The opening ceremony has begun, and everyone joins in to sing the school anthem…
  • Back in the Light Music Room, Azusa is quickly worried over the fact that this will be the last year she’ll be with the others, as they’ll be graduating in a years time. Meaning she’ll be left stranded in the club and maybe have the club disbanded afterwards. So they decide to find more members and have a laugh out of it (joke)…
  • They come up with several devious plans, only to have failed once the victims had entered their lair.
  • Yui, Ritsu and Azusa decide to go to other clubs to see how they recruit new members, again only to find nothing but experience constant pain and insanity (lool UFO).
  • The Keionbu members perform yet again in the opening ceremony for the freshmen in hopes that they’ll have more members like they did with Azu-nyan previously.
  • Azusa becomes quote depressed during lunch that they’ve failed to find any new members for the light music club. Sitting with Ui and Jun, Jun tries to comfort her by predicting the reason they didn’t find any members is that they’re so close and friendly to each other that they didn’t want to butt-in to them.
  • Azusa returns to the Light Music Club Room with a more optimistic and positive mood, as they’ve got a whole year ahead of them and that focusing on the club as it is now and “having fun” is more important than finding new members. Cue the credits~

Yui’s new hair style, erm…

Modern Warfare 2’s mash up in the background?

Sugoi monogatari, aniki.

Good for you Mio

That explains why.

Just wait for them crazy Keion otakus looking to buy that Yamaha piano and posting pics of them online and to reach Sankaku. Just wait.

Ritsu’s hair-line is reciting…haha


Because you are.

Holy shi- IT’S THE GRUDGE!

I so wanna join that club for the lolz

Your obligatory Keionbu fanservisu of the day…


As I overly predicted, this episode was clearly what I expected. Not much new or “innovative” came out of it compared to its first season, except for the fact that it’s now in 720p widescreen and the moe blob animation and the voice acting has been fully developed. The plot follows the same style, the character developments are moving at a really slow pace, and their really is no confirmed conclusion to all this. Pure slice-of-life much?

Moving astray from the episode for a bit, the Opening and Ending sequences are something to take note of, you can read my full summary of them here.

Opening: “GO! GO! MANIAC” performed by the lovely members of the Light Music Club

Despite the Opening giving me a slight nausea from all the spinning and an indirect message to PA Works to suck their balls, it follows the same distinct format as the first opening in the first season. I also like the fact that 80% of the opening were just re-makes of scenes as seen in the manga.

Ending: “Listen” performed yet again by the members of the Light Music Club

I actually now prefer the ending now over the opening after listening to both a couple of times looped, as I’ve now strangely grew fond of Youko Hikasa’s (Mio) voice even more than Aki Toyasaki’s (Yui), whose voice now is on the lines of Alvin and the Chipmunks kind of level… The clothes they wear in the ending is something to be praised too…haha

So anyway, even though K-ON!! is not really my cup of tea (buh duh tsii~) I’ve decided to actually carry on watching this series, since I pretty much tend to the things the majority of other people don’t (nyahaha). And while K-ON!! has been announced to have 24+ episodes and the recent outcry of Yu and Ritsu’s latent innocence over the fact that they’ve had a kareshi, it’s quite interesting to see how K-ON’s shining popularity will turn out, both for the anime and manga, and the fans.

I end my post.