Kaichou wa Maid-sama – First Impression

From Kimi ni Todoke, to Kaichou wa Maid-sama, the second home-coming shojo title for me in a long time.

Surely there is something wrong with me watching shoujo anime eh?

Anyway, my first impression.

I would write my own summary for episode one however, after writing K-ON!! and Daimaou two in a row, I am simply just not bothered to write a third (plus summaries are boring as hell) so here’s one I nabbed from Wikipedia.

Misaki Ayuzawa is the student council president of the previously boys-only Seika High School. Her disciplinarian stance has made the school better for the female students, and is fear and hated by the male students. Takumi Usui, while smart, popular, and handsome, angers Misaki with his habit of rejecting girls’ confessions. Misaki secretly works as a maid at a Maid Cafe to support her family ever since her father left them with a large debt. While taking out the trash at work, she is spotted by Usui and fears her secret being exposed at school. However, Usui stays to hear of her reasons and chooses not to reveal her secret. Instead, he regularly visits her at work as a customer, which agitates her. As her work load for student council increases as well as regular schoolwork, Misaki becomes sick and weak from overworking, for which Usui advises her to get some rest, angering her. As her health gets worse, she is confronted at work by the “three idiots” at her school whom were embarrassed and injured by her previously. They attempt to blackmail the ill Misaki but are halted by Usui. Misaki apologizes for her earlier behavior, and faints. Usui later tells Misaki of his request to the three idiots not to tell about Misaki’s secret. For his generosity, Usui requests that Misaki serves as his personal maid for a day.

Overall I actually found Maid-sama to be really interesting (it’s not that I have grew fancy to Misaki, baakaa!). The plot not only being as shojo cheesy as ever, but it had this weird distinct difference to other ordinary shojo series out there. I can already see that there’s going to be an obvious relationship between Misaki and Takumi, but unlike Kimi ni Todoke and some other shojo series where the two main couple have unrequited feelings for each other, Misaki and Takumi on the outside are actually not interested with each other at all, while on the inside and indirectly, they obviously well do. Plus, it’s a JS Staff anime, so all the more reason to watch…haha. Though the school uniform in Maid-sama looks really tatty for me…

Surprisingly the opening and ending sequences of Maid-sama prove to be worthy of a quality OP/ED.

“My Secret” by Saaya Mizuno

Awesome opening there.

“Yokan” by heidi

Why did I had a slight gay feeling when I watched the ED?

Needless to say, Maid-sama is clearly a must watch this Spring 2010 and I would even recommend this anime to the shonen demographic if I had the chance…haha

In similar news, episode two recently came out. No wai-


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  1. Green school uniform…GREEEENNN!!!

    Boy,I’m back again to read your blog after I’ve finished the first montly test at school!

    How many episode does this series have?(I am lazy to lurk anywhere)…


  2. @Jave At the moment planned to be a season long with 12 or so episodes. It’s a JC Staff anime so expect it to be 13/26 episodes long and no more…


  3. Posting from mobile site, even though you said nobody would. And I think I like the mobile theme better than the normal one lol


  4. i love kaicou wa maid sama
    but i hate it that its ongiong i want to see it when i want prrrrrrrr but it makes it also look cute

    XD dont listen to me peas


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