Arakawa Under the Bridge – First Impression

This anime is fucking hilarious, on the same level as Baka Test it may seem. It’s also a SHAFT anime, all the more better 8D

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Quick summary of episode one:

  • Introduction of Kou, who apparently doesn’t prefer owing favours to other people while hating being in-debt (where he’ll break out ina  athsma attack) and should take everything he faces for himself. Son of a rich corporate company and a weirdass tou-san and successor-to-be of the organization. He’s also voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya.
  • A guy called Kou gets his trousers (pants as you may call it) stolen by a bunch of kids.
  • Kou tries to get back his trousers on to of Arakawa Bridge (where the kids hung it for god knows how they did, and reference to this series’ title) while half naked from his waist down.
  • Get’s seen by a sitting woman below seemingly fishing, warns him he’s centimetres away from committing public indecency.
  • Bridge scaffolding Kou was hanging on collapses, crushing Kou down into the deep dark river with no chances of survival.
  • Gets saved by the fisherwoman, mentally flips afterwards now that he realises that he owes his whole life to her, after saving his dear life, and everything he dows now will be because of her saving him from certain death.
  • Kou demands her to ask him to do something to make up for saving his life, Nino (the woman’s name) asks if he can fall in live with her. Given the situation, Kou had no choice to accept, while learning that she’s an alien from Venus in the process.
  • Kou learns more of Nino’s homeless lifestyle, and is asked to sleep in her cold hideout overnight, since she might forget about him.
  • Nino introduces Kou to the village chief, who is clearly a human being in a costume, but self-proclaims himself as a kappa. Green at that.
  • Kou flips again feeling that he’s surrounded by a bunch of nutjobs, a man in a green frog suit and a woman who says she’s from Venus…
  • The Kappa gives Kou a new name since he’ll be living in his turf, typically called “Recruit”.
  • Kou manages to survive the next morning in the cold out throughout the night with a thin piece of cloth, feeling in-debt yet again realising that Nino gave him the only “futon” she had, later turning out to be just a cloth for the grand bed she has in her home.
  • Kou goes home for a while to pick up a few things important so that he can start properly living under the Arakawa Bridge with Nino.


“Randomly” huh…

lolrash 8D

Physics ftw

No words to comment on this one…

I have that eraser in my pencil case 8DD


Optimistic way to put it…

Nadeko’s swimming bag from Bakemonogatari…haha





I feel for you Kou.

Uh huh.

How Nino got her name.


You’re doing it wrong.

Oh Shaft.

Arakawa is literally just epic win. I haven’t laughed my ass off to the max for so long after Baka Test ended. I also like how the episode is heavily splitted in sub-episodes lasting 3 or 4 minutes or so, making like how Zetsubou Sensei was layed out. The plot I find quite interesting yet over the top funny that it’s just stupidly ridiculous. The animation, being a Shaft anime, follows Shaft’s abstract flashing frames here and there making it quite dizzy to watch while the character design styles are no different than past Shaft works like Vampire Bund and Bakemono, the colour palette used is no different as well.

Practically no opening and ending sequence were present in episode one, meaning either it’ll be in episode two or Shaft will just mess up the OP/ED ordering as usual…

Surely to speak, Arakawa Under the Bridge is one of the best Spring Anime I’ve seen so far in this series, along with Maid-sama and Angel Beats and I’d highly suggest people who aren’t considering to watch this masterpiece, to really reconsider hard.

However, since it’s Shaft we’re talking about, animation and art revisions are highly inevitable when it’ll come down to the DVD/BD release.

Dear lord, how I feel for Kou and his situation…


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