Hayate no Gotoku! Volumes 23/24 Out on April 16th!

For those of you unaware, the 23rd and 24th volumes of Hayate no Gotoku will be released simultaneously on April 16th, which is in five days on the day this post has been published.

The reason for both volumes to be released at the same time is typically to catch up with the serialisation in Shonen Sunday, and maybe even treating us all to completely read all of the Golden Week and Athena Arc in high quality printing.

As an extra bonus, the covers for both the 23rd and 24th volumes have been cunningly devised so that when you place te two tankobons side by side (23>24), you’ll be greeted by a panorama artwork featuring most of the main and side characters of the arc. The volumes will be released either in normal format with the two tankobons sold separately or buy both in a limited edition package along with many freebies including a full sized poster of the said covers and a 7x7cm post card of some sort.

Can’t wait until I get my hands on it in May and fancying that new blue-haired character in chapter 268 8D


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    1. Calm down calm down. Notice that in the last chapter of this arc, it reveals that A-tan will ACTUALLY return back to Japan? Meaning there maybe still some hope left for them to actually meet in the future.


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