Mayoi Neko Overrun! – First Impression

Hmm… the first episode didn’t quite what I had in mind compared to the manga, but anyhow, it’s still (VERY) awesome. Despite another fanservice ecchi anime and… delicious legal lolis… Mayoi Neko Overrun is moreover one of my Spring 2010’s most favorites 8D

Those who want to read the back plot and summary of Mayoi Neko can read my previous post about my first impression on the manga.


  • Takumi wakes up only to see Fumino’s shimapan on display, regretfully dying “twice” by Fumino’s deredere rage.
  • Quick intro to Fumino and her “opposite talk” while waking to school along with his otaku friend Ieyasu who thinks they’re in the 3D world despite actually being 2D and another Daigorou who doesn’t do jack.
  • During lunch at Umenomori Private School (where they attend) Takumi breaks the fourth wall and explains the background details of the school. Chise butts into his monologue in a delicious sukumizu self proclaiming that it was all her doing, which was actually his grandfather’s doing… looking at this, it seems that Chise is desperate for some friends…
  • Chise says to Takumi to cosplay as Grand Braver at the upcoming Summer Comiket, all hell breaks loose as Fumino and Chise have another on of their bitch fights.
  • At the end of school, after being offended by Fumino regarding her DFC, she has her personal maids to comfort her with words of encouragement, which weren’t honest at all.
  • At the patisserie (where Takumi and Fumino work) apparently one of their cakes has been stolen/eaten. A suspicious shota outside the patisserie has been convicted as a suspect, who prominently blames of a “large cat” stealing it. The team go out to search for this “large cat” in means of proving the boy’s innocence.
  • Takumi and Daigorou has it nice and peaceful have Daigoru’s finely brewed tea. Chise shortly butts in yet again when Takumi was saying that they needed eggs to make a cake since they ran out, and attempts to get eggs for him by having a chicken lay one, however, it immediately hatches into a chick after laying… Takumi immediately goes to get some, ignoring Chise.
  • While out, they discover the very same cat the little shota described. Speaking of the shota, Takumi finds him crying in front od Daigorou, who then comforts him to spill the beans.
  • Meanwhile, Chise’s newly born Chick almost gets run over by a truck only to be closely saved by Fumino.
  • Losing the “large neko’s” trail, the gang call it a day as Chise’s squad team are already out searching for it.
  • The next morning, Takumi’s not-blood-related sister Otome comes back apparently from the southern islands if Saipan with another cat, a but cat. Who coincidentally is the one Takumi and the rest were looking for the whole evening the day before. Nyaa’ing as the episode ends.

I believe you.

You are a true otaku if get this joke.




I smell obvious reference…

Jump Square…haha

Best part of this episode. And don’t worry, she’s 16, totally legal…right?

Yup yupp.


How Fumino got her “twice” catchphrase.

She’s dressed in the anime…


Compared to the manga version of Mayoi Neko, I think the anime’s tweaks for the first episode was not very greatly pulled off, in fact, I may well think that this was a complete disaster. For those who haven’t read the manga or novels may suffer to get the gist of the plot in the first episode but may redeem if read some short summary of the series. As I expected, unlike the manga where there’s more heavy amounts of fanservice and nudity, the anime has very little yet obvious ones. The voice acting I felt wasn’t that greatly portrayed (Chise should sound more like a loli godammit!) while the opening song was kind of off-beat and the ending being low-budget produced. I surely hope that in the second episode that the ending sequence will be changed and get rid of the typical rolling credits while the plot going back to its original setting. Quite disappointing compared to manga overall… But anyhow, looking forward to the next episode.

Opening: “Happy New Nyaa” by Kanae Ito, Yuka Iguchi and Ayana Taketatsu

Ending: “Ichalove Come Home!” by Kanae Ito, Yuka Iguchi and Ayana Taketatsu

The OP/ED I believe needs some tweaking at hand…

I end my post.


One thought on “Mayoi Neko Overrun! – First Impression

  1. Eh, I didn’t have any expectations for this to begin with, but it’s… well, I’ll just say it’s below average. Oh well, I’ll still probably check it out for one or two more episodes.

    Takumi seems like a rather well put together character though, so maybe he’ll keep her in check and save this from devolving into something awful.


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