Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 268

Hurray! c268 is finally scanlated by the lovely denizens of MangaHelpers.

With the conclusion of the Golden Week/A-tan/Kings Jewel-or-whatever-you-call-it arc and an extra chapter featuring Hina donkey ears, at last a new story arc has emerged. Obviously given that it’ll be focused on Hayate and Nagi now that they’ve decided to give up on the Sanzenin inheritance. Chapter 268 gives a slight randomized spoiler in it’s opening vibrant colour pages where Nagi runs upstairs in some tall tower to scream her lungs out. A notable point is perhaps that during this flashy spoiler (third panel page one) is that she almost mentioned someone’s name called “Luca…”.

Lucas? Lucario? Lucaros?

Not much is known for the reason Nagi said that, however what I have a hunch on is that Nagi is actually referring to the new blue haired character that almost distinctly looks reasonable like Koyomi from Gendai Mahou. But looking in deeper, she has this strange aura of nostalgia I feel thinking that I’ve seen her before somewhere (excluding the most plausible fact that the girl maybe the one Chiharu met in Natsucon back in c266).

Needless to say it seems the new character has a thing for drawing manga (as shown in the colour spread) showing a abstinent rivalry against Nagi in future chapters to come.

And also needless to say that it seems that Chiharu will be making more appearances than ever out of her supporting-character status due to her pure absence in the Golden Week arc and just appeared inb4 the end of it and the fun sized omakes Hata-sensei produces and posts in his column. Annd lastly love the shirt Nagi is wearing in the spread.


Engrish perhaps?

I stand corrected. Misread “small” for “smile” due to the bold text overlay…

A big thumbs up to the series is that the parodies/references and it’s comidic nature appears to be returning as a few notable signs of them has been discovered in the c268;

Obvious Hidamari Sketch reference to the apartments the main heroines live. Note the “SHUWA SHUWA” effects above (reference to the recent series’ season’s OP sequence).

Erm… DRRR!!! reference?

So in chapter 268 in what obvious shock reveals that Hayate and the rest seems to be planning to move out of the mansion and start over a new life in more “normal” and calming environment where Nagi must now work hard for all that she gains unlike in the past having all the money she can spend. However despite over the fact that she lost the inheritance for the rest of her tsunderedere life, Nagi intends to go around the pit of hard work and tough love and aims to make money by messing around. An income via rent is a prime example of what she intends to do (simply put, buying an entire apartment and making money off it’s income from the tenants rent living their), however Maria destroys her mock-up dream by filling her in to the depressing reality. Nagi then orders Hayate to go out and find an apartment building that “fits her needs” with her 20 million yen allowance. Looking at the apartments and houses for sale in advertisements came through the pigeon hole, Hayate realises the level of prices of properties in Tokyo is. As Hayate sets out on his mini quest, Tama approaches him and begs him to find a place where there’s a big yard for him to reside him, as fears wound up as Nagi might abandon him due to the current circumstances, Hayate promises him that he does and get’s beaten afterwords when Tama learns that this was all because of him. As Hayate leaves the Mansion-to-be-on-sale Hayate looks back and thinks for the future in a new house.

Quite the start of a new plot development for the characters huh… I personally am actually looking forward to the new character appearing later on in the series. Cuz, you know, the last time there was a new character in Hayate was Athena and Machina (Fumino and Sharuna maybe?). So it was quite right to throw another new heroine into the roster. Who knows, maybe a pairing will be formed between the new character and Hayate D8

Maybe I spoke too soon…

My love for Hayate no Gotoku has officially returned.

A-Note: Well, with the summer term approaching before me, and a lot of procrastination to do these last 5 days, don’t expect me to post more content these coming weeks.

Have a few posts still in draft status, but I’ll get to them when I have have time. This blog is about to be a year old eh…


14 thoughts on “Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 268

    1. I can’t believe you read this garbage =)

      jk but seriously why is it dragging on and on

      And the Athena arc was a really long, elaborate way to get Athena to be just another one of the girls. And now another character…Man, this is gonna be longer than Detective Conan…


    2. I do agree with you of the fact that the A-tan arc was indeed long, however given the point that the arc contains a huge impact in the plot and character development it seems Hata did a right choice having this arc last for like over 8 months.

      Even though I’d hate to say it, I don’t quite think that Hayate will go on like Conan/One Piece/Naruto for over 60 volumes or so. And I’d have to disagree with you that this is going to be longer than Conan since atm Conan has like 700+ chapters and has been going on for over a decade while Hayate started 5 years ago. Meaning the only way for HnG to catch to that level is for Conan to be in hiatus for half a decade…haha

      Apologies for this non-trivial-long-assed reply.


  1. Say, what are the chances that Hayate might buy the apartment building where he used to live? It just popped on my head since he’s buying one.


  2. Great disappointment.
    He prepared ENOUGH undeveloped plot “strings” already, and keeps introducing new characters and stuff, while there obviously is something great and dramatic(and yet totally unrevealed!) about Ikusa, Maria, Aika…
    Also, if it’s Nagi end(Which is predictable as hell and lame as hell, but whatever, SHE IS TEH MAIN HEROINE) timeskip is highly possible, IMO.


    1. Time skip, and I’ll drop this shi~…
      Nevermind. It’ll just make Athena end implossible. After EoTW…No matter how good and ronery ;_; other girls will be, it’s just near implossible to surpass her now.
      Well, whole Athena thing was something(just comparison of my feelings, not characters!) like Seimour story in Futurama-like…you know…Oasis of pure love drama in desert of harem comedy, like sudden “stab in the heart”, when you expect some light-hearted funny story.
      And this abruptness totally conquered my heart.


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