Blog Update 24-04-2010

Err yeeaahh apologies for the lack of posts this week… School and procrastination has been keeping me from blogging and other miscellaneous internet stuff this past 7 days, and out of random luck I’ve managed to find some spare time to blog and catch up on some animu.

So yeah in this post I’m going to cover the “slight” changes I’ve made to this site over the past days or so (did this and that while doing my coursework and.. stuff…) which I greatly find many benefits.

First up, I changed (yet again) the theme however this time, I’m actually going to stick with it. Shocker indeed.

The theme is called Under the influence, recently released by into it’s bandwagon of crappy themes. And out of the rest of the themes on offer, Under the influence I think is the best out of them yet.


  1. Highly customisable.
  2. Able to change the width of the post field and sidebar, which I’ve been longing for all this time.
  3. Simple, tradition and minimalistic layout, which I find very satisfyable.
  4. Custom header available, meaning I can make my own header creations on Photoshop, yippee!!

Secondly, if you haven’t noticed yet, then that means you have eye cancer I’ve changed my gravatar and my avatar on Twitter to match, featuring Nagi with a face mask, edited to implement my internet name on it 8D.

Thirdly, I’ve revised the widgets in my sidebar, taken out and placed in this and that… oh and, with Under the influence theme it also includes a bottom bar widget area at the very bottom of the site. Placed top posts/clicks and tag clouds as an additional, so click on them if you please.

Fourthly, if that is even a word, I made a Facebook page of myself which can be accessed by clicking on the Facebook button at the top of the sidebar. Reason? For teh lolz, really. Join if you wish, but the group isn’t really going to be of any use to me now, just some fancy extra, you might say.

Fifth- ahh what of it. Other stuff I did was updated the pages, that’s the ABOUT and RELEASES pages, so click on them and enlightened yourself a bit eh? I’ve made a Tenshi header for my blog, since Tenshi of Angel Beats is THAT awesome, and lastly, even though it’s not entirely on the blog, I’ve revamped the layout on my Twitter page, making it more fitting too my blog’s image.

Any suggestions or tips on how to make my blog a little better can be posted in the comments section below.

And that’s about it. Time to go marathon Zettai Loli Children.

w000t NnE is going to become 1 years old tomorrow 8D