Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu Niyasu no Eden!!

Oh...the good old times.

Yes that’s right, you guessed it. Today marks the first ever anniversary of farewellsayonaranyarth.wordpress.com! Why the url and not the blog title? It’s because I don’t have a solid and permanent name for this blog yet and I’m still experimenting. Oh and, the London Marathon as well, which kicks off today.

To start things off, here’s the overall blog stats and stuff recorded these past 12 months;

Daily views

Random and dodgy as usual.

Monthly views

I became popular over the course of 4 months. Awesome. Then it just became choppy.

Weekly Views

Human view (one of WordPress.com’s “fun mode” features)

Top Referrers

Being that 60% of my posts are all Hayate, I’m not that surprised.

Top Views

I have no, and I mean NO idea why my Toradora Character CD Album Review post was the most viewed post of all time. There isn’t even anything remotely important in the post, just me endlessly commenting on how “good” the songs were. Well, it was written at the time when I was new to blogging so I was pretty much on the level of a n00b at the time.

Top Search Terms

In a “one-sided” overall victory, Shana wins the title of most search term of NnE.

Overall Stats

Hmm… might have to improve on the comments and readers forte of my blog since at the moment there seems to be only 5 or 6 regular readers, 8 or 9 occasional readers and a few thousands of casual visitors, lurkers, trolls and spiders…

C’mon peoples! As Ken clearly thought out, a simple, anonymous encouraging comment is more than enough to keep me motivated to post more stuff!

333 (+1) posts over the course of 365 or so days… not bad.

In depth

Well… here you go.

Here the simple overview of the stats of my blog as of 25/04/2010.

To be honest, it has been a long, intriguing and fun year of blogging so far. I met many new friends, learned and reflected in my blogging style in many ways here and there, discovered, read and subscribed many interesting anime blogs I found worthy of and interesting to read. And before I knew it, I gradually became more influenced, intrigued and immersed into the coveted anime blogosphere. Also, I experimented in different styles presented in my posts, learning what way is easier, effective and sufficient to write episodical posts (saving and hosting screens are the most pain to take care of though). In more technical experiences, I also learned a bit of html and css coding from the html editing in my posts, and from a course I’m doing at school. I did at the most painfully yet tweaked and played around with the themes WordPress.com offered and learn how they work and in what style. Every month, week, or even minutes I’d switched and customised the themes, due to reasons that either; I grew tired of the theme, I wanted something that’d look fresh and new, or simply the fact that most of themes sucked. Luckily, WordPress.com became much less of a bunch of losers and released the Under the Influence theme which is clearly awesome with its traversed customisable options available. So what I’m saying is 2009 has been a fundamentally enlightening year for me. Of course, I couldn’t have done and experienced it with a few allies and comrades picked up along the way. So…

/clears throat

/prepare oscar-isque speech

Many thanks to Glothelegend and Bill for their utmost support, and also their motivative comments posted in many of my posts here and there.

Fabrice, Jave, John and May (even though she doesn’t visits anymore =[) get their share of gratitude too for their supportive comments.

I also thank those fools of FoOlRulez too, especially Woxxy, Megu no Mueg err Gume-sorry I can’t just get your name right thar err Muge, Emu, Hateful and Middleground for your visiting to my little personal corner of the internet too.

Last but not least, special thanks for the rest of you people I didn’t mention (If I didn’t mention you, then post moar so that I take notice!!), because without your endless help and support I wouldn’t be in this little personal tight corner of the internet today!

And thar you have it, the first anniversary of Niyasu No Eden complete! Let’s all have another good, clean and safe fun year and hoping that the second anniversary will be a success too!!

Nah, just kidding. I’ll be inactive for a while to clear up some schoolwork irl and to re-organise my files on my new laptop. (((Way-ta go ruining the mood lol))) Sorry guys..

Well with that said- see y’all ’round~

PS. Apologies for the wapanese post title…lol


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  1. Happy bloganniversary! I don’t even know my stats because I keep switching around lol.

    [spoiler]I searched oppai. :>[/spoiler]


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