So I’ve made a Pixiv Account.

No idea whether I’m actually going to use it to upload some of my art or just to lurk and pick up some girls… or simply go back to use my deviantART one. Meh I’ll decide later. By the way I’m called “tamkaiyeen” on Pixiv since that’s the romanization of my name in Chinese Canto.

Also with thanks for Mueg for advising me to download the Greasemonkey addon script which translates 40% of the important stuff on the site into plain English.

Original untouched Pixiv site

Pixiv with Greasemonkey Pixiv Translation Plus script.

Time to get scanning, I guess.


3 thoughts on “So I’ve made a Pixiv Account.

    1. I’ve been trying to reset my password since I forgot but the new password I enter it never accepts whether it’s all letters, all numbers or an actual mix of them.


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