A Valid Understatement for my Inactivity…

For some reason just a few days ago on the 28th of April my recently purchased HP Pavillion dv7 laptop suddenly screwed up, losing all my files and apparently losing the connection to its operating system, therefore a emergency system restore was in order.

Due to the system retore process and my laziness to actually back up all my files before hand, all of my precious treasures was all but perished during the re-format.

This included:

  • Anime batches I was watching (Zettai Karen Children, for example)
  • Recent anime episodes (now restored, /torrent)
  • 40% progress of Katawa Shoujo
  • Touhou
  • Fate stay night
  • Collection of bookmarks for Firefox that I ever so lovely reorganised every 3 days to perfect it
  • Animu screens and resources for my blog
  • Other crap I can’t remember.

So yeah, this incident had clearly messed up my blogging schedule and as an alternative making me re-install, download and torrent everything I lost my laptop seemed to had devoured. On the bright side, I have 70% brought everything back into order and now I’m just tying up some loose ends. Expect several posts coming up this May Bank Holiday Weekend.


7 thoughts on “A Valid Understatement for my Inactivity…

  1. Having you’re computer nearly completely erased is bittersweet to me. It’s bitter because you’ve just lost everything, but I love downloading everything back on to the computer. It’s fun for some reason.


    1. And what.s also bitter is that it’s a BRAND NEW laptop that I just got recently and had just gone past the 30-day money back thing, not the one long ago that I always ranted on being ridiculously slow and had a broken hinge.

      Like you, I also enjoy downloading everything back onto the computer, but doing it all over again a second time from scratch just ruins the satisfaction…


  2. D: dam thats really unlucky =/
    id probably go mental if that happened *please dont D:

    since i got so much futur stuff for futur posts =/

    Hang in there!!


    1. To be honest, I actually went partially mental when I turned on the laptop and I saw the error message. To the extent that I almost brought my sledgehammer and started to whack the damned thing… sadly I restrained myself =/


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