Angel Beats 06 – I CRIED.

I keed I keed. I didn’t actually cried, but I was quite moved by the flashback of Naoi’s tough and depressing life, and how it made him to be the douchebag he is now. /jk

Episode 6 certainly did restore the flaring love I have for Angel Beats after Episode 5 being a complete downright disaster (bullying Tenshi, TK a decoration in the background, SSS being a bunch a fags, what is this???). Even though TK clearly did make an appearance playing Mahjong and had a few lines such as making Arnold Schwarzenegger’s greatest catchphrase more awesome as the original, that was basically about it for TK’s cue in this episode and vanishes into void (moar TK pleez), cuz hey, TK is that awesome.

I fanboy’d thar.

In contrast to the last episode, episode 6 was seemingly more serious with its nature than episode 5, messing and frolicking about with the montage of sky-rocketing chairs (which admittedly, I rofl’d). The part where Otonashi comes outside witnessing all the “dead corpses” of students all severed, wounded and their petrified still faces reminded me of Higurashi and their joy-time killing. Goood times…

Blood n gore ftw! /lol

Naoi on the other hand, I gotta give it to him for righteously giving the SSS their deserve of punition for bullying Tenshi (which in fact is for an entire different reason), then to throw rotten tomatoes at him for going ott, and giving it to him again after learning of his sad and tear jerking past (imma sucker for sad stories like Clannad shutup!).

His twin brother dead, his shitty skills at pottery, his father bedridden and dead after, believing his life is a forgery, NAOI!!! ;_;

Obviously though, Otonashi gives Naoi after a wake up call with words of enlightenment and courage, with a special topping of a mutual male man-hug moment, fitting to end the episode in a climatic cliffhanger. Marvellous.

I can hear the fangirls shriek for joy, just like how Usui kisses the generic slutty Misaki in the recent Maid-sama. /spoiler

Oh Maeda…

Other screens in means of significance;

Sleep face Tenshi moe moe~

Too KAWAII and SUGOI, that is. /weeaboo

Otonashi, you lucky bastard.

Episode 7. Namely called “Alive”. Can’t wait. Which you can watch a 15 sec preview on Angel Beats’ official site when available.