Nanami Madobe in her own little Anime

As much as I hold mixed feelings for Windows 7 (proud Windows 7 user here, sadly), it has come to my attention that a short animation featuring Windows 7’s little mascot Nanami-san has surfaced coercing people to build their own little personal computers, with Windows 7 of course.

The anime short in question;

The short also gives a brief overview of the key main parts of building a computer, comprising of a motherboard, CPU, memory, graphics board, hard drive disk and a DVD drive.

Nana Mizuki returns comprising her role of Nanami in this little anime short, while Keiichiro Kawaguchi, the epic director of Hayate S1, is the indeed the director of the short in realisation. Daisuka Namikawa, known for his role of Keita in Kurokami also stars in the short as well, starring as the pc shop clerk handing hover Nanami’s forgotten screw to complete her newly built persocom.

After watching the Nanami short for some reason it led me to download the Nanami theme for Windows 7, and speaking truthfully after using it for a few minutes I seem to had develop a little annoyance over the fact of “Jyaacha~n” and “Pi-po~n” playing as I maximise, minimise, open and close a window. Strangely enough I’m even still using this theme as I’m typing this post despite of the obvious criticisms.

Yes I know I can edit what sound can play for whatever action I do in the personalise window thing, however I’m just too lazy to actually do.

It seems to me that the computer OS wars between Microsoft and Apple isn’t over just yet…


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