So I herd that GAINAX is on a new Anime Project…

Only recently heard about this, and WOW did I lol’d all the way to the floor. As expected of Gainax, this will be another heck of an original anime. LOLGAINAX

If you’re not getting what I’m spitting at you, then to put it briefly;

Gainax has recently announced that they’re working on a new original anime project, using the same guys who worked on Gurren Lagann. A teaser full pager has been published along with the announcement in the latest issue of Newtype, including a teaser poster to have a feel on what the project is about. And it’s the teaser poster that’s got fellow oh-tah-kuus in mixed feelings.

“Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt”. Hmm… a combination of America’s panties and Japan’s stockings? A three-way? Ya never know…


So I’ve read comments and impressions on many sites, known forums, 4chan, well anywhere that Google leads me too, and it seems to me is that the majority of people are concerned about is the “unimpressive” character design and art, as shown above in the opening pic. Many saying that it’s some tatty doujin to being a spiritual rip off to the anime version of the Powerpuff Girls, or the original series overall. Heck, even people go on and complain that it’s going to be just another ecchi/borderline hentai anime series.

The 6th paragraph in the Newtype magazine page n question, a “rough translation” provided by the anons of 4chan;

“Even though Panty and Stocking are a pair of sister angels, they have extremely bad and dirty habits. Basically a parade of sex, violence and dirty humour. Can such things be shown on TV? With such content, should their actions be broadcast in Japan?”

Dirty, sexually perverted onanising sister tenshis? That’s… sorta new.

But for me personally, I have no say or utter complaint in this. At the moment. I mean, Gainax had only just published a two-pager teaser announcing a new project and a single teaser poster to go with it, a brief story outline has been published as well but that may in well be differed later on. But if I had to comment on the teaser, I’d have to say that I’m quite liking the art style in which it holds a combo of both American and Japanese cartoon/anime styling (is that Furude Rika from Higurashi on the left and Mika Hoshii from Idolmaster on the right?). The plot seems to leave me baffled (it’s a ecchi, right?) and the prologue seems quite interesting…

As shown at the top left of the page;


Ladies and gentlemen, do you notice? A frightening disaster is impending to the town and DATEN-CITY in god and satan’s interstices now. Will it be an evil spirit? It is possible to say, and it is not an evil spirit. It passes to knowing, and it is everyday experience that graws at DATEN-CITY. To be direct with you, the disaster that attaDATENcks-CITY is PATTY & STOCKING! Hey, men. Don’t turn neighbor’s skirt!

Engrish you might say? Oh GAINAX…

Strangely enough, I’m actually looking forward to this since all the Gainax anime I’ve watched so far have never failed to surprise me, even Hanamaru with its unique ending sequence in every episode (haven’t come across Eva yet, don’t ask).

So… any bets placed when this is gonna come out?

To end this post off, a remark from 4chan;

>Garter Belt is their boss, a priest with afro
>Garter Belt
>a guy


No way. A priest with an afro… Afro Samurai x Pope?


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  1. what the hell gaynax =/
    this doesnt look appealing well for the time being…
    interested to see some more bg info on it, especially the art. character dsign, this cover looks childish,…


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