So I herd that moar Pokémon Black and White Info has been leaked…

(((With thanks to Bulbanews for providing the sources available at this time, and me of course for cleaning up the scan a little as displayed above.)))

Recently, a rough page scan off CoroCoro Comics has surfaced on the net, revealing more info upon the upcoming 5th Generation Pokémon games, Pokémon Black and White.

CoroCoro scan reveals Generation V information

Starters, player characters, region revealed.

A scan from the June 2010 issue of the magazine CoroCoro has appeared online, revealing various information on the upcoming games Pokémon Black and White.

According to the scan, the first Generation V games will be set in the region known as 「イッシュ」 Isshu, which is quite a distance away from all previous regions. The magazine scan implies that the region is a foreign place that must be traveled to by boat or airplane. Legendary Pokémon reports that a new location titled 「ヒウンシティ」Hiun City will possibly be in the games, though this has yet to be confirmed via scan.

The new playable characters are also presented. They are stated to be more grown-up than past protagonists, and both are wearing devices on their wrists that may be the successor of the Pokégear, PokéNav and Pokétch.

Finally, the scan also shows the starters of Pokémon Black and White; as in previous generations, the starters are Grass-, Fire-, and Water-type. The starters’ names have yet to surface in a scan, though PokéBeach reports that they are possibly 「ツタージャ」 Tsutaaja, 「ポカブ」 Pokabu, and 「ミジュマル」 Mijumaru, though these have yet to be confirmed.

I actually thought of having the next region set at a totally different place in the Pokémon universe, far off the current cross-linking regions was a pretty smart move. Focusing on the next door neighbour of a region seems to be getting a bit tedious for me and maybe anyone else in favour, so now with the setting going “overseas” it brings more realism and life into the almost sullen games. Hoping to see some sort of plane or boat trip to the region at the beginning of the game.

The device the new main playable characters are wearing in the featured illustration seems to me like it’s a upgraded Pokétch to me packed with a bunch of things. Heck, maybe it’ll take advantage of Nintendo’s new capabilities and have like a online shop where the player can buy additional apps to the Pokétch, much like Apple are doing now with its iTouch and iPhone…

The playable characters themselves… look rather more older and mature than the previous 4 pairs and looks as if they have ripped off Ash’s original trademark hat. The girl character looks rather moé with her risen ponytail (imo i has a pony fetishh liek kyonchan) and thankfully again with the DFC… And since the lower half of the female PC has been omitted I expect zettai ryuoki in all its glory when the full design is released. And speaking of Ken Sugimori (the main designer of the Pokémon creatures), it seems that his drawing style especially the eyes seem to had further developed these past few years.

Regarding with the starters… I’m actually disappointed a little about the lack of anything new in the design of the starters. The grass type Pokémon looks like the baby grass type of Dragonite, the Fire one a mixed breed of Cyndaquil and Spoink and lastly the Water, a more degraded version of Piplup and its clam symbol on its chest. I expect these starters and Ken to further develop these designs since they actually kinda suck.

The screenshot on the right page seems to confirm the total upgrade of the battle visuals and maybe even the system (slim chances btw). Which now your character is shown in it’s full rear glory on a large glowing spotlight as well the opponent.

My prediction of the names of the starters based upon the quoted news article above, and my wapanese;

Fire type = Tsutaaja
Water type = Pokabu
Grass type = Mijumaru
The question whether the games will take advantage of Nintendo’s upcoming 3D features remains a mystery…


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