Mayoi Neko Overrun! 06

The ‘ell was Ieyasu watching on that flight?

The lowdown on Mayoi Neko episode six;

Chise continues her plans with her new SOS Brigade ripoff Underwear Appreciation Society Stray Cats Appreciation Society to do random shit no one remotely cares about. In which this case, abusing the Umenomori’s economical wealth and spend it on unnecessary holidays and activities. Later, they decide to make a PV showing off their society to the interwebz, with the 2D otaku Ieyasu as the Super Director.

Anime gives you basic director tips…right?

Added more in Ieyasu’s faggotry, he abuses the wealth of the Umemonomori’s wealth by going to various locations in the world and making the environment fit his desires, which in actuality is the complete opposite of the natural land, or in other means…


Takumi haves a go at taking some LSD

It seems Takumi isn’t the main character anymore…

Bloody shallow references is bloody shallow.


Upon filming atop of Mt. Everest in the Himalayas, loopy Takumi and his harem is stup up at the summit due to a massive blizzard taking place, only to be saved by Takumi’s nee-chan and her army of Yetis.

He’s stuck stranded on top of a mountain in a heavy blizzard and all he’s worried about is that he’s going to be late for school? -_-


The PV is finished! After days and days of hard work abridged into some shoddy uplifting slideshow…

Ieyasu quality indeed. First time that we actually see some panties in this show.

Ieyasu found a link between the 3D and 2D world;

Last but not least, Takumi seemingly failing at his exams due to this ruckus.

Episode was simple lolz. Love the pointless yet epic rehashing going on when they where filming the same sequence over and over again but in a different location each, and Takumi doing jackshit at all and just living it up with his LSD.

Haven’t I seen this from Zettai Karen Children?

Though I still find the animation a little dodgy and the plot absolutely going nowhere… ah well.

Awesome shit is awesome.


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