Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou 07

Warning: Crunchyroll quality screenshots in this post, please mind the screens if you are vulnerable to eyecancer.

Heroes, demons, naked girls, epic Gainax quality visuals, imoutos…. best Daimaou episode so far.

A continuation from the previous episode (they all go to the beach, some shit happened and Korone got shot, apparently) and all of a sudden Korone makes her farewells to the show!


Yeah, might have been useful A WHOLE EPISODE AGO. Baka-Keena-chan.

Oh wait, that didn’t happened first in this episode, Hiroshi predicted to be some sort of hero or- something…

Their bro-love wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for Hiroshi’s slackness…

Suddenly we are plunged shallowly into Hiroshi’s personal life and background, where we get a little serious and see Hiroshi’s current tough position.

Where have I seen this similar situation before…?

Not forgetting Hiroshi’s IMOUTO.


Hiroshi meet up with Keena at the Legend of Lake… or something like that and we learn about the town’s legend of heroism;


Suddenly they meet a exhibitionist;

Fix’d Cruchyroll’s subz thar.

This particular exhibitionist turns out to be the one who shot Korone at the beginning and reveals his plans of turmoiling the Daimaou by letting loose the giant sea cucumber into Hiroshi’s town and pass all the blame to him, since there’s this legend in the town that some hero will arrive annnd- just watch ep6 and see why for neko’s sake.

In a counter attack, the exhibitionist suddenly turns into lolicon mode!



For some random unrelated reason, Hiroshi momentarily gains the powers of a certain Level 5 Railgun user.

Oh… how I cannot wait for the uncensored… you can see why :3

How I’d kill to be Hiroshi’s shoes at that moment…



So yeah, Daimaou seems to recently hold much too generic names given to the characters.

Peterhausen and now this… lol

Minutes into the second half, the Daimaou himself steps into the scene (Korone does a while later… ZOMG) while Hiroshi finds his resolve to fight, King Arthur medieval style.

Cannot help but notice how the animation quality especially the fast-paced action fight scenes are in epic quality equal to that of Gainax’s Gurren Lagann aniki quality… just wow.

Doesn’t Hiroshi’s battle suit remind you of that Karakura duude in Bleach who appears in nonsensical filler eps?

So to conclude this seaside trip arc thingy, Brave “the supposed” superhero defeats Mr. Terminator X in a one-sided fight and things with the giant sea cucumber have been resolved.

Oh god not the typical “superhero fight situation between the betrayal of main hero and sidekick” cliche… please no…

Just I was expecting…


Oh I see what they did there ahhhahahahahaha…..

Back at school, Korone fully explains and spill the beans of “Mr. X” saying that he’s some suspicious antagonist duude that seriously needs some butt raeping kicking, and lastly revealing that the reason why she was acting all slutty was that because she was given orders to marry the Daimaou into a loving wife and family and had her eyes on Keena, however in doubt due to Daimaou’s tastefulness in women. Now setting her target onto Junko, naturally Junko snaps.

Junko <3

Cue the creepy visualisation of a ending sequence;

Daimaou x Lily all the way.

This episode totally kicked ass, way moar than the last 6 in my opinion. The animation was in its superiority all the way through, the fanservice was intelligently put into great sufficient use and a nice inclusion of the imouto faction. Strangely at first I thought Hiroshi’s sibling was a boy (until I heard Sayuri Yahagi’s voice that is…).
I also like how the plot development this series is going. I even thought that it was already the climax in this episode, luckily it was not, since I would’ve cried buckets if Daimaou had ended too soon, cuz hey, this anime is as awesome as a tin of alphabet soup. Don’t really have a clear image of what the next episode is going to be, but I expect the episode to be focusing upon the pairings of Akuto’s harem judging on the title shown in the preview “Do you have a crush?