This is madness. This is spartax. This is *insertwittyinternetmemereferencehere*.

By an unpredicted circumstance it appears the record of my daily views chart has been broken again on this Saturday evening as we pierce the heavens of over 550 views on May 15th, 2010.

Never before have the total number of views have reached past 500, only rallying an average of 150-250 views per day while most just a frontal view of the homepage while a few views on the most recent post and strangely a few posted almost a year ago o_O However in which this case, it seems that the post of the fake box covers I did for Pokémon Black and White seems to be growing in popularity recently (strangely yet no comments… *shikushikushiku*).

Needless to say, this basically made my few last minutes of the day and my humblest gratitude to all you anon and regular readers out there for making this all possible.


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