So I herd that even MOAR Pokémon Black and White Info has been leaked…

It appears that Pokémon Sunday, a obligitory weekly kids live action TV show based around Pokémon that airs on well, Sundays has recently revealed more info about the new fifth generation games, Black and White. Going further in with the starters revealing their names and stats, video demos of what the battle system and visuals will look like and the overall environmental setting, which has been totally revamped as I’ll explain later on.

The region has been confirmed to be known to be called Isshu (first region evar to not have the “o” sounding) and revealed to be a the first “foreign” Pokémon region in the series. Anyone agreeing with me that they’ve based it off NYC?

But enough crappy explanation from me here’s the quotation from the lovely people of Bulbanews fully covering the new leaked info with video footage;

Bulbanews – Pokémon Sunday reveals Black and White, movie 13 info

Pokémon Sunday has revealed today further information on Pokémon Black and White, as well as on the thirteenth Pokémon movie, Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark. Revealed information includes confirmations of the names of the Isshu region’s starter Pokémon, as well as information on the Zoroark event included in the games when the shiny legendary beasts are transferred from the Generation IV games.

Further videos of movement were shown, showing sideways entrances to buildings, a first in the Pokémon gaming world.

Regarding the new battle visuals, I have to say the new appearance with the Pokémon now moving back and forth is pretty badass (wonder how sprite collectors are going to handle these babies…). While the text box now disappearing every time the Pokémon make its move and the camera actually adjusting to the Pokémon in question, it seems that Game Freak have totally taken into account of the DS’s advanced capabilities. Although the even though the visuals have been upgraded, it seems the traditional battle system remains in play. Could’ve been more awesome if they’ve graduated from the old school turn based system and actually did it more like the more modern JRPGs do (not maybe FFXIII’s real time system thingy though…).

The environment has significantly had a grande makeover as well, as now everything will be in full 3D glory as the player travels across the field. Further capabilities such as being able to actually move the camera around 360 degrees seems slim as given the amount of 3D-ness in the game plus the 1GB or so limit in the card, it seems there isn’t just enough room for every little aspect of the environment to be placed in. Meaning a fixed camera angle will again come in play (no peeky at what’s behind a Pokémon Center… *sob*). Entrances through the side of a building seems all to generic for me…

The main playable character designs have been fully shown, fully revealing their lower half. In my opinion the designs are about really average to me. Not much new from the clothes present and the colouring scheme seems all too casual. The female PC in question, hot pants? No skirts? Zettai Ryouiki? Mini? Ah well, hot pants is fine too… Her hair also seems to remind me of Poplar-chan from Working!!

Soo… is she going to be joining Ash and Brock in the upcoming new Pokémon anime season?