Just figured that I’d make a post devoted to the ever so wonderful character YAMADA!! The greatest bullshitter you’d ever find in your animu.

Being the fact that she’s so super awesome and one of the best characters of this season, she gracefully joins my growing list of Waifus/Daughters-to-be (not ranked as doing so seems quite sadder than it already is…haha).

Ah, I might as well *briefly* talk about Working episode 7.

Another return trip from the quest to search for his waifu, the manager (whom I forgot his name since he’s a not-so-important-character) brings back to the family restaurant a girl he found on the street at the dead of night. ‘Course this girl has her circumstances.

What’s that I smell in the air?

Ah yes *coughbullshitcough*

Obviously the other characters deliberately believes YAMADAAA’s bullcrap to give more opportunities for more comedy gags the anime holds an archive of.


Katanashi however plays the party-pooper and sees through YAAMAAADAA’s intentions.

Don’t call girls liars Katanashi-chan.

Quite prepared thar YAAMAADAA.

Treats or GTFO

So yeah, YAAAAMAAAAADAAAAAAA gets hired to work at the restaurant, ultimately included in the current character roster.

Sharp one.

People sometimes forget their names, Katanashi-chan.

Oh the atypical relationship between Katanashi and Aoi YAAAAMAAAADAAAAAAAAAAA…

I lol’s to the ground at this point…roflcopter

Couldn’t blame her. I did that when I first hold a can…

Katanashi educating her in the RL

YAAAMAAAADAAA decides to then form her own kazoku ~desu.


Don’t the Natto away from YAAAAMAAADAAAAA!!!!!

Sato quickly (not) gets along with Aoi.

YAAMAAADAAAA apparently looks liek the manager of the restaurant. Whom which I disagree since they don’t actually look-alike.


Maybe so. But…

Delicious YAMADA!!! seifuku mode mode.

In the second half, YAAAMAAADAAA is soon driven to criticism as she constantly messes up at work and butting into people’s love lives. Doing this has deducted her valuable screen time in the second half… UNFAIR!


YAAAMAAADAAA tries to find out stuff about Souma-kun after not finding much info about himself.

Poplar sad? THIS IS MADNESS. (((lolwittyoutdatedreference)))

Souma’s true personality soon surfaces;

It’s liek your mother peeping at you watching p0rn, ONLY BUT GURO!

Souma, better get a new job.

Is it just me or does YAMADAAA crying looks a lot like Sawako’s wailing in Kimi ni Todoke?

Katanashi’s stereotypical response.

Is that bad?

Soon YAAAAMAAAADDAAAAAAAA leaks everything out to Yachiyo.

Souma you… souma :(

Satou didn’t take as well finding out.

Oh really.

Anyway, now that YAAAAMAAAADAAAA’s shift is up (I demand more YAMADA) and now absent, the case between Yachiyo and Satou acting all flustered to each other begins.

Sorry but, I lol’d.

Things aren’t going as planned, it seems…

But after some weird speech from Satou to temporarily clear this “misunderstanding” up, Yachiyo ranks Satou as her No. 1 man of all men.

Remember kids, smoking is bad for you! But since Satou is a fictional anime character in a fictional Japanese animation TV series, it’s all fine, no one is hurt!

Satou has the most cunning excuses to skip work…haha

Inb4 at the end of episode, YAAAAMAAAADAAA appears for a lost minute appearance.

One man’s dish trash is another one’s cutlery treasure.

I believe you.

Katanashi finally snaps at long last! And thus, concludes another episode.

A bit of trivia, you may have noticed Yamada now appearing in the OP/ED sequences; as captured below;

5 heroines, 3 otomen. Show needs more guys, or more preferably girls.

Surely this has been the best episode of Working!! so far with now the inclusion of the epic character YAAAMAAAADAAAA and the saikou this year. Only little nags I would like to point out is that this episode lacks 30% of YAMADA!! But with her epic bullshitting skills is what really moved me.

Next episode seems fairly reasonable based on the preview, and I expect more YAMADAAA in the next episode or otherwise I have no hope to live.


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