Summer Anime 2010

So I was trolling around in my Google Reader while playing some se.kirara (yet to reach the event in the above image)… stalking some sites most particularly burogus and certain ISSSs… and it came to my attention that Chartfag has thrown in a new Summer Anime 2010 preview. Rejoicing as I was, it’s only natural that I make a post all about it and take a measurement in my satisfactory and excitement level of each individual show. And since there’s 18 series in the roster at the moment, it makes this chore more easier for me.

The Summer Anime 2010 visual guide itself in all its glory.

A quick tl;dr summary of this post if you’re as bother to read what’s presented below.

Highschool of the Dead

Read about this like two years ago in a certain CR forum thread regarding the manga and recently reminded myself of it during TAF 2010 a few months ago, when they shown a PV of the new upcoming anime.

Basically, my impression of this series is like the initial setting of Resident Evil, small group of normal people are surrounded by a legion of infected zombies and they must fight to the grim to survive. Insert a few further plot elements and twists and there ‘ya go.

It’s also going to be produced by Madhouse, and judging from there professional animated depiction of blood and gore from past works such as Needless and the current Rainbow series, I’m actually looking forward to this series (must. read. manga.).

Excitement Level: 9/10

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin

Ehhh~ The third instalment of Anime no Chikara’s original anime project it seems. From the moe rendition of the front lines at war and real time historical events drama to now… a school comedy horror spectacle. Guess there’s a bit of potential in this series likewise Soranowoto and Night Raid seems to had pulled it off in its plot and animation field.

Excitement Level: 7/10

Sengiku Basara Two

The (late) sequel of the first series airing back in Spring last year. Not much to say about this since I’ve yet to touch upon this series… I’ll get back to it later.

Excitement Level: NA

Shi Ki

Hmm… seems to be another supernatural ancient Japan themed plot. Since there’s a highly attracting shojo with pink hair in the preview pic Chartfag has provided, guess I’ll be a little excited about this series. The animation studio I’ve personally never heard of so the animation quality will be an interesting outcome…

Excitement Level: 6/10

Kuroshitsuji 2

Like with Sengoku Basara, I haven’t came upon the first series of Black Butler, so I’ll pass this one half heartedly…

Excitement Level: NA

Nurarihyon no Mago

Another Katanagatari/House of Five Leaves/Hakuouki apprentice it seems… To be honest I think I had enough of Ancient/Medieval Japan animes featuring samurais and bishonens and katanas and the supernatural so I think I might pass this one…

And since DEEN is doing this one presences of the patented “DEEN Quality” may kick in…

Excitement Level 3/10

Tono to Issho

The promotional art appears to be appeasing… And yeah… another depiction of the growing amount of ancient historical Japan themed animu… may put a pass on this one as well…

Excitement Level: 2/10

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

The Legend of the Legend… no wait- The Legendary of the Le- Legend of the Lendarg- M’kay the title is confusing.

Looking at the promo art in the preview, I can already see the animation to be seemingly high quality, for a ZEXCS anime that is…

Again it appears to be yet again another war ancient theme story… sigh

Excitement Level: 4/10

Osaka Hamlet

The art seems to be quite simplistic and the name of this series seems to remind me of Ham and Shakespeare with the word “Hamlet”.

Since this is a slice of life anime this gets an instant pass for me. Looking forward to it.

Excitement Level: 6/10

Amagami SS

W00t highschool girls! And what’s more the uniform is black! Apparently based on the PS2 game of the same name and the main character a teenage high school student who hates Christmas. Why did White Album just came into my mind?

With the rich bitches of AIC taking care of the animation expect an abundance of ending sequences sung by the heroine’s seiyuus as a bonus.

Excitement Level: 8/10

Ookamisan to Shichinin no Nakamatachi

Red haired loli? Ararararararararararararagi doppelgänger? Taiga in puberty!??


I’m in.

Excitement Level: 10/10


Hmm…. predicting this will be another Hanamaru/Kodomo no Jikan type of anime… As the promo art depicts a growing healthy young boy surrounded by underaged elementary girls… muahaha can’t wait for this one to come out.

Excitement Level: 8/10

Strike Witches 2

Instant pass. Fell in love with the first season and looking forward to this sequel. Now with Gonzo out of the picture and AIC now in full charge of the animation, there is now hope that all the high quality goodness in the art will be featured in the TV broadcast and not in the DVD/BD…

Excitement Level: 10/10

Asobi ni Iku Yo

Delicious bishoujo is delicious. And apparently the girl in that promo art is an alien from outer space with cat ears. Not gonna be a full-on fanservice animu I hope.

Excitement Level: 7/10

Seitokai Takuindomo

Animu with the term “Seitokai” in it gets an instant pass.

Reading the brief summary, it seems to be a mix of Seitokai no Ichizon and Maid-sama. A new gender integrated school (Maid-sama) and a boy taking charge as a vice president of the student council, surround by 3 beautiful-clad girls as the council officers (Seitokai no Ichizon) this will be interesting…

Excitement Level: 8/10

Shukufuku no Campanelia

Lolis lolis fantasy lolis! My kind of anime. This is going on the uppermost top of my watch list~

Excitement Level: 7/10


Just realising as I’m typing this post, AIC seems to be dominating this season with four series on offer done by them (minus one since it’s done by a sub group of the entire studio) while JC Staff seems to be running low with it’s Taiga-in-puberty animu and Shaft, not offering any series at all. Just resounding my thoughts.


Pure Engagement

At first I thought “man, this is gonna be an awesome series” on till till I read this is a sequel of its first season, which I have never even heard of or vaguely watched. So I’m afraid I have to make a regretful pass… *sob*

Excitement Level: NA

Digimon Xros Wars

Meh. Another kodomo anime that is never gonna get subbed. And Digimon has gone down hill after it’s second series… Disregarding this…

Excitement Level: NA
When will Black Rock Shooter be coming out… I wonder.


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  1. Se Kirara pic! <3
    not interesting really =/
    im all for high school of the dead, shiki, ookami and ye thats my high priorities. =/


  2. I have changed my mind about a few of these. Shi Ki looks awesome if you ask me. Crazy and awesome. It almost reminds me of Higurashi from the trailer.


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