London MCM Expo May 2010

Apologies for the lack of posts this past week, been quite busy both irl and on the net due to exams, schoolwork and wot not… But yeah if you’ve not already been aware of I went to the London MCM Expo last Saturday. And yes, this post is a day late since I slept in yesterday until 2pm or so in the evening after a busy and hectic day in London in Satuday (would explain what happened before and after the expo but imma too lazy and not feeling over 9000 motivated like I use to).

Overall though, the expo turned out to be pretty good, went with my sister and a few of her friends and I’ve managed to take a few (well, buckerloads) of pics with my dodgy Hitachi 10MP digital camera which takes blurry and smeared photos if you lack a steady hand. Though the freebies were lacking this year as they were only available to said Advanced Ticket paying people and the first several thousand people or something… Quite sad about that.

This was also the first expo that I am short on cash since I only had £75 in my personal savings. Minus £30 for travel expenses and food, and I only had £55 left to spend. :<

The cosplayers thar were also good as well. Compared to the last 7 expos I attended since 2007, the amount of them have overly doubled over the past 3 years. Heck, even the amount of Naruto cosplayers have went down as well (only saw 6-9 Naruto, both shota and mature) while the amount of Vocaloids (especially Miku, Rin and Len… Luka too) have sky rocketed! Showing results at last weekend’s expo. Though on a Saturday, taking pics of Cosplayers was actually quite tough for photographers (plus me :3) due the amount of people in the hall, meaning people would get in the way of the shot or photographers forming a hollow center in the crowd making the cosplayers the center of attention…ha!

New games and stuff were abundance there too, as I had a go at the new Dynasty Warriors spin off Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) game for the PS3/360 (had a go on the PS3) and a new Prof. Layton sequel on the DSi XL (gotta say, the XL DS was pretty awesome). There was also a DS Party event there where they were attempting to break the world record of the most people playing on the DS in one place, where it was last broken in Australia in ’07. I was planning to go there and contribute, only to have been unable to go due to the huge long ass line just to get admission into the expo hall (you’ll see why below in the medly of pics).

Just hopping onto the beginning of the line… note that this stretches in a snake-styled zig-zagged line…

10 minutes later…

Felt bored, so I took a pic of someone deeper into the line holding out a “Objection!” picket board.

5 minutes later… /failcamera

They were Maryland Cookies…btw

7 minutes later…

10 minutes later…

Felt bored agen. So I played a but on my Pokéwalker :3

Looking back at the line… oh wai- hey where are those people going at the right!??

Playing HeartGold in the Blackthorn City Gym to kill some time…

Several minutes later (I quit recording time at this point)

Pic of Astro Boy’s ass…


Astro Boy was thar promoting his new re-imagined movie coming out on DVD/BD.

Final stretch,,,

This is it!!1 Final stretch!!

another /failcamera

Got my ticket at this point, had to show my ID proving that I’m 14 years of age, entitling me of a child ticket at the cost of £5 (14 and under) whereas an aduld ticket comes at a price of £10 (15+). Meaning this will be the last expo evar that I’ll be able to pull off getting a child ticket since I’m turning 15 this July :(

Boxes full of freebies…sadly they were “quarantined”

Able to take a quick shot of Prince of Persia poster…

Despicable Me… might see that film.

This time instead of a ink hand stamp we get a wristband like you always get a theme park… Guess this was to prevent anyone trying to get the excess ink off of someone else so that they can get in for free…

In the hall! Nintendo holding a section shocasing off their new games coming out this year, including Super Mario Galaxy 2, Dragon Quest IX and more…

Something weaponry…

The A-team van, promoting their film coming out this Summer… a day after my birthday and the day when I fly off to Hong Kong

Naruto Shipuuden… officially coming out this summer in the UK…about time

Plushies ftw

Me playing Prof. Layton

This game’s confusing.

Note: I was leaning while trying to take this pic :3

Another /failcam

They also had a Hentai section, selling a vast archive of Doujins fresh off from Japan and C77.

Me taking a look there, luckily no one was aware that I was a minor ^^

Most of the doujins were £9 each (That’s around 1200yen/US$13) and I was afraid that I would get caught red handed if I attempted to buy one…so I didn’t :(

I wonder if the recent loli ban in the UK plays into this…saw a few “questionable age” doujins in the boxes.

Universal shocasing there new upcoming films…

Hokuto no Ken… awesome game that is.

Obligatory mizugi fanservice.

First cosplay pic of the day of the RX-78 thingy or something… /failcamera

Kuroshituji? Some butler and his master or something…

Some manly goods

View of the hanging posters wonder if you can take them home…

£4 is too expensive.

Some few famous people I’ve never heard of… At least I got to see them IRL :3

Soul Eater poster… Now I wonder why I didn’t buy it…

Miku plushie at £15… too expensive :<

Well, you get the picture.

Some books…

At this point, the posse decided to get out of the hall and see waht’s hip-hoppinin’ outside of the halls, we took a break at some food court and at this time I felt bored and tired, so I developed my photography skillz.

Where’s Wally (or Waldo)?

At this point, we decided to go outside of the ExCeL Center and frolic about outside in the cold windy Royal Victoria Docks. And before we knew it, it was 5pm or so. And since the expo ends at 6pm on a Saturday, entry to go back into the hall closes at 5pm, meaning we were locked out, thus our expo trekking has ended. Since everyone were as well leaving, our group decided to go to central London and go to China Town and Trocadero and stuff.

So at the end of the day, all I’ve pretty much bagged myself at the expo was some Touhou candy, Letraset Fineliners and a Marker Pen, a few freebies, and a issue of Shonen Ace. Quite economical if you ask me.

Hokuto no Ken, coming out this Fall, it seems.

And so concludes my visit to the London MCM Expo. To see past expos I’ve attended click here and here.

Click here for the Shonen Ace post.

Click here for the London Photo post.

2 thoughts on “London MCM Expo May 2010

  1. Fabrice May 31, 2010 / 16:07

    Dam its crowded~ O.o
    looks fun, haha famous people you never heard of XD

    and why the classic crap, astro boy and naruto -.-

    • Nyarth May 31, 2010 / 23:44

      They are people from tv and.. being that I don’t watch much these days I have no clue.

      I think I touched certain places while I was squashed and engulfed in those crowds… which was kinda the reason why I didn’t take as much cosplay pics :(

      Maybe later this year in October.

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