If you didn’t know already, lately I’ve been playing the legally free eroge se.kirara.

Must say, even though I know jack about what the hecks going in the game, just simply hitting the auto command and letting the eroge playing by itself (lol) and looking at the pwetty visuals is actually kinda fun (except for the options which I dread that may lead to a bad end or something) while the BGM sounds just like the BGM you’d hear in your animu.

So to establish another econimical low quality post, here’s a few se;ection of screenshots depicting my progress in the game, which some of you may have seen as I was on a spamming spree on my Twitter account several days ago…

Warning: Contains NSFW material, yet again.


3 thoughts on “se.kirara

  1. Hey there, it’s Android from FoOlz.

    How’s it? I haven’t seen you around so far.

    That being said, I finished 2 routes in the game, working on the third.

    I suspect you’re working on the Nozomi route…

    I have a feeling the Keytar girl has a secret route of her own… or so I hope?


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