Bleach picked up by CR, a new step in Animu/Western Otaku History?

What Bleach urgently needs. But no one listens…

If you must know today Crunchyroll has successfully obtained rights to simulcast Bleach and begins simulcasting next week. While on the other end of the spectrum, Dattebayo seems to be pulling the plug on their fansubbing of Bleach, according to their press release made a week before hand.

Subbing seems to be handled by Viz Media (like with Naruto Shipuuden) since they technically own the series in the Land of the West.

In my opinion, well… this was surely inevitable to happen, I expected this day to come right after when I heard CR had became legit back in the beginning of ’09.

“It’s only a matter of time before CR picks up Bleach…”

or so I thought back in Jan 8th 2009.

Yaaay~ Another rare post that I ramble on and on about crap no one cares about~~~

To be frank, I enjoyed the moments of time when DB was subbing Bleach, their subs where top quality, the karaoke simply marvellous, the typesetting bringing hope and motivation in our eyes.

However happy days just couldn’t last forever. Fansubbing seems be on the decline these past few years due to the Legal Issues and the DMCA becoming more stagnant. As a result, we know find out of the majority of present-day fansubs, the overall quality of them are actually quite shite (no offence peepz, just a s hypothetical outdraw), the typesetting are just becoming more less and less attractive and usually sticking to the default MS font Arial, the timing becoming poor, the karaoke…? let’s not go there.

Out of all the fansubbing groups in the roster today, DB were always one of the particular groups that had always retained their reputation. I could name a few more (ie. Eclipse, SS, Desu, gg? maybe) but that’s just going off-topic.

One thing I’ll be expecting people will be complaining about is not just DB’s acquisition to step down subbing Bleach, but also rant and talk bad about CR’s subbing quality about to be implemented on Bleach.

First and foremost, in a most recent News forum thread announcing the rights to Simulcast Bleach, CR had clearly stated that the subbing will be taken care of by Viz Media, same as they do with Naruto Shipuuden, meaning CR has no control over the subbing forte in this process. And everyone knows, Viz Media’s subbing team is known for their silly mistakes in the translation process and the typesetting, does this mean it will be done the same in Bleach? Chances of Dattebayo’s aims to be involved in the official subbing of Bleach seems to be running thin on the web.

Now I don’t mean to brag but, after a few taster episode sessions of Naruto Shipuuden with Viz’s sub’s implemented, I can already see why people are throwing rotten tomatoes in front of Viz’s headquarters;

  • The typesetting is too small to read for the eyes.
  • Every 5 minutes you can see the HTML coding for the characters ” ‘ “, ” & ” and the rest.
  • Silly spelling/grammar mistakes
  • All of the above, xOVER9000

Which also brings me to my next question; is this yet another movement in Animu/Western (as in countries outside of Japan) history? I mean, never before had this occur in the past. Since in the past, copyright infringement crap and DMCA policies and stuff were technically still developing in Justice’s womb, and fansubs where pretty much everywhere. YouTube (when 10min limits were non-existent), DDL, torrents, Veoh, in a matter of a few minutes, you could be instantly watching the next episode of Detective Conan!

Needless to say, these changes are permanent, whether anyone likes it or not, the truth is that Crunchyroll has obtained the rights to simulcast Bleach while Dattebayo is throwing in the towel fansubbing Bleach. Alls well that ends well, many will think.

Oh how I’m going to miss Dattebayo’s high quality subbing especially the karaoke that enabled me to sing along to. Now gone despite if whether or not Viz would gain the rights to sub the songs, they’ll never even care of placing the romanji or even do any flashy timing animation.

I now declare this case open for debate.