Indekkusu Second Season Confirmed!

Awesome news is awesome, you know right? /imo

But anyhow, you may have read on ANN or SanCom whoever goes on it is that TO ARU NO MAJUTSU NO INDEX WILL FINALLY BE GETTING A SECOND SEASON!!! (plus a new PSP game which is highly unlikely to reach overseas, yippee!).

Obviously, even though this was highly inevitable to happen if you think well and hard about, this is pretty great news for the majority of us (((including me, cuz well, I’m one of the rebels who think Index>Biribiri))) because I was expecting another season of Index during the last remaining episodes last year. Taken into account the current 18 volumes of light novels, a sequel does seem appropriate to contribute to adapt more material fro the original text source. However, this hunch was slightly to be a little discouraged over the fact that the spin off counterpart; Railgun will be taking the spotlight for the next incoming Autumn season, and JC Staff admittedly revealing to having no plans of a second season whatsoever (and “making things up”) in the Index-tan omakes (as seen above). Though some may interject saying that the staff may be talking bull and that they actually were planning a sequel in the dark…

Despite Gangan not seemingly giving a release date for the sequel, and JC Staff pretty sharp on its releasing time frame, I bet my allowance hard earned cash that a Fall 2010 release is more than likely, observing past Index/Railgun series…

Index S1 – Fall 2008
Railgun S1 (probably, when Index S2 ends) – Fall 2009
Index S2 – Fall 2010?
Railgun S2?? – Fall 2011?

Railgun sequel anyone?

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    1. Really? I’ve been hearing many people demanding a Railgun sequel, but meh. I prefer moar Index if JC ever gives her moar screentime…


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