And thus, I’m Araibu.

(another overdone updates post!!! sweet Jesus Lord Nyarth what were you thinking!!!)

I bet you guys were thinking;

“Oh hey, Nyarth hasn’t posted anything in his blog for several weeks, let’s UNfollow him.”

Sorry to say, I am unfortunately still “active” but was UNactive the past few weeks due to many circumstances. Many of which I shall bitch about in this obligatory rant post.

Reason’s as follows;

  • Exams. ’nuff said. They suck, but a good place to take a quick and ninja nap.
  • Exams = Revision = No animu time = Animu marathon after exams = Catch-up
  • Finishing off my essays and coursework gave me bit of a trauma,
  • Friend coerced me in playing Flyff, which I realised is the most awesome MMORPG of all time. OF ALL TIME.
  • A little trolling on Yen Press’ website influenced me in reading Tena on S-String, the most hilarious and epic mangas I’ve read in a while. Which I may make a post on later.
  • World Cup is bringing out my closed dormant passion for Football (or SAKKA if you prefer)
  • Angel Beats left me tearjerked the same amount as the Ibuki and the final arc in Clannad left me ;_; Yes I watched a bit of animu during my hiatus but Angel Beats is an exception. But I’ll save what I wanna say in a later post.
  • Slow internet is slow. Which slowed down my work flow. Slow.
  • Was depressed last Friday evening after constantly reminiscing the screw up I did in one of my exams, which is fully illustrated in simplified form in the style of 4chan in the opening image.

So there you go. Will be relatively active for the next few weeks posting reviews (I believe Spring Animu has ended?) and shiz, maybe inactive the weeks after since I have work experience to well… experience… Then I’ll be ultimately internet/summer animu ’10 deprived when I’ll be flying off Hong Kong for 3 days then Vietnam for 2 weeks as my Summer Holiday! Expect a rush of travel posts after I return.

That is all.


**One last thing, a few of you may notice if you stalk my blog that I’ve been discreetly tweaking the themes and layout of the site. What you see now will be main staple of my site until I feel like I guess. And I’ll try my best not to be tempted when releases another overrated theme. They seem to be going at it a lot recently…

Double fin.

***Oh yeah, Chartfag has released a second Summer Animu ’10 poster. Not gonna bother making a “redux” this time ’round so I might as well make a section here.

Dates, tweaks, OVA continuations are now present as well as new added series such as Cat Shit One, which (watching the PV like 2 years ago) will be oh so totally awesome.

The charter in question;

My version;

That is officially all.


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