Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi – First Impression

Note before proceeding: Long ass name is too long ass. Heck, it actually surpasses the name length of Baka Test and Haruhi S, so I’ll refer Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi (ctrl+v) as simply Ookami-san from now on…

In terms with the series, I had my eye on this when I saw the PV at the TAF 2010 back in March and totally since been infatuated by its pure awesomeness, but mainly the fact that it has a more tender and mature doppelgänger of Taiga from Toradora. Even though this matter was the main trend when the PV surfaced, what I also kind of noticed at the same time was that the main guy protagonist (who seems to be in a zetsubou-sensei posture) in the PV poster looks kinda like Araragi from Bakemono.

*insert summary here, since I’m too hot and demotivated to write one under this British summer*

And upload it on YouTube?

This scene reminded me of Railgun when Uiharu does stuff on her laptop with an unusual infinite amount of juice in the battery.

Obvious reference is obvious.

I never known anyone who had a fetish for “favours”…wow


“So small…” Ookami thought.

Ahaha… everyone’s a macfag in Ookami-san.

Please remember this show often takes parodies and references off old ancient fairy tales.

Badass eyemask is badass.

*gasp* everyone thought as Morino finally grew some balls.

This art style reminds me of the original light novel art in Wolf and Spice. Ookashii

Overall, I unsurprisingly find Ookami-san to be the best Summer Anime this year so far, despite being the first series I’ve watched in the new season.

After a little research into Ookami-san on Wikipedia, ANN and whatnot, I was surprised and quite impressed to see Shizuka Itou to take the role of Ookami herself. If, by any chance you don’t know who in the world Shizuka Itou is, I suggest you go and brush up on your Hayata no Gotoku since Itou also voices the godly Hina-chan from the HnG too (despite in Ookami-san she sounds more masculine than Hina). Though I find it quite a hindrance to see Kuroko’s bitchy voice taking the role of the narrator, IRL Satomi Arai, after going through it all past October when Railgun had began.

Ookami-san offered quite a sufficient amount of humour and lolz to lol at (the Cinderella case and omake actually made me laughed out loud right to the floor and almost lost my ass in the process, yo).


Your only panchira service of the episode. Savour it.


*insert Cinderella reference here*

How Ookami-san become more and more awesome.

At this point, I was all in tears of laughter on the floor and my butt hanging off my back (kidding).

The characters are all the more interesting and are actually unique and original for a change (a Taiga-in-puberty, a loli Red Riding Hood, the obligatory club maid, deputy working woman with megane and awesome super staring skills, a mad female scientist, a ladyboy moderator and a loving first-year couple where the girl is in charge. IN WHAT OTHER ANIME DO YOU SEE THIS DESUNEE!??). Even though this animu is called “Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi”, literally translated into plain English as “Ookami-san and Seven Companions”, meaning the seven members in Otogi Bank (excluding Ookami). This sadly leaves Morino out as an outcast of the lot, which I think is kinda lonely for the scopophobic otoko, bless the little guy’s heart.

So… bold…

Complimenting someone. You’re doing it wrong.


The fanservice was rather bland… but still delicious and tender in general (:>) and let’s not also forget Tai- err I mean Ookami’s awesome badboy Neko-knuckle gloves, kicking some ass at the start and almost at the end of the episode. Cuz hey’;

…because there’s nothing more badass than kicking someone’s ass with something cute.


You’re doing it right!





Opening and Ending sequence is quite different for the first episode as with any other JC Staff animu as episode 1 is quite special and needs a special OP/ED treatment. The opening for episode 1 was simply a title screen of the series while the ending is the actual opening of the series.

Simply glorious.

Anyone who didn’t notice the resemblance between Ookami here and Horo from Spice and Wolf has bad tastes in animu.

To end this post, here’s your obligatory Ookami tsundere bonus service;

Ookami (for now) is my favourite character so far in this series.

Oh, how I’m looking forward to episode 2.

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  1. Ookami was definitely not thinking, “So small” when she saw (Iforgothisnamealready)’s penis. She looked scared shitless, implying that it was almost as big as mine.


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