Amagami SS – First Impression

Meh, Amagami didn’t as much turned out as well as I thought it would’ve. The plot seems rather too generic for a romance school slice of life anime, the characters yet again in still the same positions and statuses you’d normally see in other anime in the same calibre and the heroines being quite far off to be considered “attractive”. Just to remind you that this is my own  personal opinion after the first episode, please don’t hurt me :(

The first episode we meet Tachibana Junichi, a so-called failed guy in love, and is still heartbroken due to his date not showing up on Christmas Eve two years before, it is revealed. From then on he usually spends all day in his closet looking at his planetarium he made out of highlighter pens while finding stuff to do to get his mind clear of love (or so I think).


Forget about why she didn’t came why the heck are you floating around naked in space!??

The first steps in being a closet NEET.

At the first day of school or something, after helping out a freshmen to buy some bread for lunch and passing by all his harem friends that we didn’t know previously, he meets Haruka Morishima (again, VOICED BY SHIZUKA ITOU). The two soon got to know each other better and became more friendly, until Junichi decides to jump the gun and confesses his one-sided feelings right in the first episode. So obviously, despite Morishima being “happy” that he confessed to her, she *in a way* rejects him responding that she’s not exactly his type. Junichi becomes emo once again and cries home running to his planetarium, not his mum for a change…

Junichi got pwned meloveyoulongtime.

Overall, I find Amagami rather to be too general upon the series itself rather than holding something innovative up its sleeves. Thumbs up to Amagami maybe the case of retaining the original voice actors from the original PS2 dating sim game (where the seiyuu of Hinagiku also voices Morishima, which is a plus) and the fact that it failed so miserably attempting to include the obligé fanservice.



Note that in the game, the plot has multiple endings where the protagonist can end up with any of the heroines up for grabs (no H, sadly), meaning the anime will simply be a generic compilation of the game as a whole, according to news sources I read on Wiki/ANN.

Personally, though I do prefer an anime that’s been based off some eroge or visual novel as a  compilation of everything packed into a 13/26 episode series, this kind of treatment has been going around for several years, and to me, seems getting too far-fetched. There are a majority of animu out there today, where it follows a specific ending based its original game *coughschooldayscough* and in one way or another, turned out to be a success than utter failure. So what I’m trying to say is; drop the traditional omnibus format and follow a distinct route you bastards!

Amagami does manage to cover a teenage boy’s health materials…

No commento.

Baka Junichi is baka dense.

Poor kid.

Let me ask this once: wtf where they doing!??


For now though, I guess I’ll watch a few episodes of Amagami to see if this fits my tastes and is worthy of my animu time. Anymore emoness and depression from Junichi and I’m instantly dropping this.

So original.


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  1. I’m not really in favor of the omnibus thing either but least it gives each girl a nice ending and hopefully stops some pointless shipping wars. Also, for some animes (Kanon comes to mind), they had to tweak the other 4 heroines’ stories to fit the main girl’s ending which didn’t please some people so this ‘get and reset’ thing might be a plus.

    And Haruka is good. Yes.


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