End of Spring Anime 2010 Review – Part 1

This post was originally combined as one, but looking at the dramatic length of the post itself, I decided to slice it into 3 or 4 posts to make some profit.

Well, here we go again.

Angel Beats!

*sob sob sob*… After watching the last episode, it was obvious to me that Angel Beats came out on top of my favourite Spring Anime this season. The little moment between Otonashi and Tenshi right at the end where they’re the only two left was worm and fuzzy, the original and vibrant story that lead up to this conclusion, the epic BGM and inserts to make Angel Beats worthwhile, it was a fun three months. The only thing that I’m still wondering is how the heck to all the characters disappear into thin air when they’ve settled their regrets and finally move on? Usually the view just moves away from the character disappearing and in the next cut, they’re gone, or simply a cut showing that they’ve instantly vanished. Guess it was just another Jun Maeda thing huh…

Awesome TK is awesome.

Males of Angel Beats, reporting in!

Family photo <3

More obligatory Yurippe service…

A full view of the overall in the ending sequence.

Yurippe looks so cute and vulnerable now that everyone is gone…

In the last episode Tenshi’s moé-ness seems to finally be at the optimum level!


Get ready for the water works…

Don’t make me cry Naoi, it’s already bad as it is! :'(

Yurippe and Tenshi… aww

This is where it gets interesting, as well as tearjerking and emotional :'(

I, for had actually shedded a little tears at this point, NUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Way’dda go Maeda for slipping in a flash forward scene where Otonashi and Tenshi meet in the real world.

Overall, Angel Beats lived up to it’s wonderful reputation. The series did go downhill a bit due to the constant exploitations, harassment and bullying to the ever-so-awesome Tenshi and the lack of TK screen time, but that’s just me and a few other people in the club. Episode one did begin their campaign with a rocky start, due to unforeseen PA Works quality art and animation, which suffered quite a bit several episodes on, but luckily stood right back on its feet from episode 4 or so. The opening was a magnificent display of over-the-top flash forwards and back with clips appearing from the series, the usual Clannad-style name labels on all the main and supporting characters, while the ending despite being cheap and economical, Jun really pulled it off with innovative choreographing.

Oh how I’m looking forward to the extra episode, coming with the last DVD/BD volume coming out… later this year…?

Story: 10/10
Music: 10/10
Character: 10/10
Animation: 7/10
Overall: 10/10

Arakawa Under the Bridge

In true Shaft-tastic spirit, Arakawa proved it’s bullshitty randomness and etiquette while holding no sense of strong plot whatsoever. Personally, I believe Arakawa to be a unique anime. The characters are… well… “outcasts of society you’d never be able to imagine”, the plot well, it starts with a guy losing his trousers and ending up living under a highway bridge like a homeless person, and that’s about it. Oh and the opening is as “Shaft”y as it can possibly get (no pun intended). The conclusion to this series at the end was just a simple typical case of Ric’s dad trying to clear down the Arakawa bridge and its embankment for some multi-billionaire projects that’s been planned, and Ric managing to stand up for himself before his kowai and intimidating dad of a father and grow some manly balls. Episode 13 was simple a “epilogue” you might say, showing how life has “changed” after the events that took place in the last few episode, as well as introducing three (or four?) new characters in the process that has appeared in little cameos throughout the series.

Is that what I think it is!?



Epic Star Wars parody is epic.


What comes around goes around.

Epic screen calls for an epic combine.

It’s the new fad.

Arakawa again lived up to expectations, and lets meet again as a SECOND SEASON has been announced by the Arakawa Production Committee after the 13th and last episode of the first season. Coming again either this fall or early next year. Can’t wait.

Story: 8/10
Music: 6/10
Character: 7/10
Animation: 7/10
Overall: 7/10


Not a Spring Anime, but it finally closed its curtains around the same time, ultimately completing it’s 15 episode TV run over the course of just over a YEAR.

Not much to say about Bakemono other than the fact that it’s made of pure awesomeness. Shaft does it again!

I now demand BD 1080p versions of the anime and demand Yen Press to license the original Light Novels and bring it oversees.

Review fin.

Story: 10/10
Music: 10/10
Character: 10/10
Animation: 8/10
Overall: 10/10

B Gata H Kei

Dohohohohohohoo… This series was lolz. Unlike any other borderline ecchi/hentai series that heavily focuses on 2D skinship with no latter of plot *coughkissxsiscough*, BGataHKei takes the initiative and twists everything, combining both ecchi/erotic themes, plot and humour as well to make a truly badass hilarious anime. Though sadly, I feel for Kosuda and Yamada, who almost got it right at the end there and dropped the soap, Kosuda had to ruin everything and break his feet like a douche. Needless to say, BGataHKei turned out to be (one way or another perhaps) a downright and funny anime.  It also take every little aspect, that is to say from cheesy and annoying on-screen censors and seiyuu’s heavy breathing skills to a range of girls with a range of sizes for many aspects and a range of sexuality of the characters, and makes them into something entirely epic and utter hilarious and worthwhile. Oh how I wish more ecchi animes could be like this…

Kosuda needs to grow some balls, though.

Story: 8/10
Music: 5/10
Character: 5/10
Animation: 7/10
Overall: 7/10

Part 2 coming soon. Or in a few hours…

2 thoughts on “End of Spring Anime 2010 Review – Part 1

  1. Fabrice July 5, 2010 / 04:30

    I guess ill only write about angel beats, since well its in my mind right now.
    Short Review: It needed 26 episodes.
    Long Review: Angel Beats is a pretty interesting work. The writer, Jun Maeda, is responsible for a number of emotional masterpieces such as Air, Kanon, and Clannad. Maeda’s ability to invoke emotion in his audience is definitely outstanding and thus I had great anticipation for the series.

    Angel Beats! is a treat to the eyes and ears. P.A. works did an amazing job with the visuals. The opening animation is a pleasure to watch and the backgrounds can easily rival Kyoto Animation’s which is no small feat. The music is also very memorable, and usually appropriate to the situation. Besides the opening “My Soul Your Beats” and “Brave Song”, there’s also a bunch of songs sung by the show’s band Girls’ Dead Monster. Some people have noted the songs by GDM sound a bit amateurish, but I think it’s appropriate and gives the feel of a garage band trying to make it big.

    The story, however, is rather confusing and keeps shifting gears. We start out in a mysterious world of the afterlife and in a place where not even the characters know what’s going on. Naturally, a state of confusion would make sense– except that most of the world is never really explored or explained. And the explanations we do get are often out of left field, and usually shoved in at the end of the episode.

    However, the overall idea isn’t bad at all; it’s just that the accelerated pacing due to the 13 episodes and the fact that the anime seems to not be sure on where it’s going. It just started too much threads.

    The most jarring thing about the show is its inability to separate the comedy from the melodrama. It’s often mixed together at the worst moments and becomes very cheesy. The worst case of this is probably the character of Naoi, someone who should be interesting, but I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. Also, frequently the melodrama feels very forced and manipulative because it’s just shoved in there– you’ve gotta develop a conflict or issue for it to have any real impact. This was especially true near the end. But Key fans don’t worry, there’s still some very sweet moments even if it is very messy.

    Despite this, Angel Beats is still a very funny show. At first,the humor didn’t click with me, but two words: Rocket Chairs. The silly antics of the protagonists group– the SSS is fun and its enjoyable to see them do silly stuff like that in this world. And of course the character TK himself seems to steal the show every time he utters a line.

    The characters are all a fun and likable bunch– typical for Key. Sadly, a lot of them remained underdeveloped due to time constraints. The ones that they do focus on are very well done– the amnesiac Otonashi, the competent commander Yuri who’s not just another Haruhi, the reliable bro Hinata. The enigmatic Angel is also a decent character who explodes the cuteness meter.

    Overall, Angel Beats is not a bad show, but it just feels underwhelming that with all the ingredients for success, the show couldn’t make up its mind on what to do.

    • Nyarth July 7, 2010 / 23:44

      …I feel the same way too

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