End of Spring Anime 2010 Review – Part 2

Welcome to part 2.

In this post: Mayoi Neko Overrun!, FMA, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, Durarara!!, Hakuouki and Kiss X Sis.


Though I have to admit that I haven’t watched Baccano! yet, I have to say that Durarara!! is one of the most original and “mature” anime series I’ve seen in a while. The animation all the time is quite questionable due to some parts being lacking quality and other parts just plain stupid. Being animated from the same studio as Akikan! been produced in the past, I can already see why…

Though onto more brighter things, Drrr!!’s main vital strong point is the original and psychological plot and directing style. At the beginning of the series, the setting was primarily based upon the individual characters themselves and witness their backgrounds and how they came to be living their lives in Ikebukuro. The story begins to unravel later on as it reveals that the three main characters hold rather sinister secrets, that, in the end, clash and has reflected on their friendships forever. The plot does go rather complex and confusing later on, as we delve deeper and deeper into the characters, such as Mikado’s past involving his gang the Yellow Scarves and a girl, Masaomi’s depressing and “normal” life, wanting a more rich and whimsical one, which brings himself to Ikebukuro and also leads a secret “invisible” working gang/group “The Dollars”, and also Sonohara and her possessed legion she control to her liking. At the start of the series, it mainly focuses on the case of Celty Sturlson and her hunt for her “head” wanting to unravel the mysteries as to why she lost her head and is still living today, Shizuo, how he got from God a really sturdy body and super haxor strength that enables him to carry anything as heavy as a truck or house, and surviving a stab in the gut or even being crushed by cars and vending machines. I could go on but I’ll stop since my hands are aching from all the typing so far.


Overall, Durarara!! managed to live up to its expectations, even impacting on the otaku community in creating real life Dollars site and messaging boards, imitating Mikado’s secret site and chat. An example can be seen by clicking here. Art and Animation is open for questioning while the music is as epic as ever (though I prefer the first OP/ED than the second), the Baccano!-risque opening sequence is as cunning as well while the story proving to be Durarara’s most highest selling point. A second season may be fine too…

Story: 9/10
Music: 8/10
Character: 8/10
Animation: 6/10
Overall: 9/10

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Oh FMA… even after airing for over a year already and not having yet read the original manga nor the first season, FMA never fails to impress me. Gotta hand it to Bones for keeping their sanity while producing the kickass high quality animation while always keeping it a the optimum level. In terms of plot, FMA has one of the most original and fascinating plot of all time. I can’t even explain every little subplot due to the heavy number (not like I’m not bothered or anything…) and how far the variety of characters Hiromu had devised while maintaining the character’s fair share of screen time. I could go on but I’ll stop for now. FMA. Most kickass anime of all time.

Story: 10/10
Music: 8/10
Character: 10/10
Animation: 10/10
Overall: 9/10


Eww pretty men fighting swords and guns… I think I fell into a trap when I first began watching this series. Only a few days ago I realised that this is based off an Otome game, meaning IT’S AIMED AT FOR GIRLS. Though it did seem fairly obvious with all the bi-shonen harem around one innocent girl… Sadly, old feudal Japan with Samurais, Shinsengumi and katanas waving about recently became not one of my tastes I truly endowed for any more. The conclusion wasn’t that much of a conclusion, since it leaves with a cliff hanger while losing lives one by one, sailing to somewhere in the midst of some war. Luckily though (or sadly) a continuation is announced straight after the last episode to carry on the story, meaning a second season is coming back this Fall. Is it me, or is now today it’s a normalcy for the producers to split a 26 episode anime television series in half, making two separate seasons and airing them at intervals just to keep the series alive and obtain more publicity? They already done this with Asura Cryin’, Queens Blade, Natsu no Arashi and Sengoku Basara, so I presume Hakuoki is doing the same thing.

Despite pretty men male harem shojo anime not being my cup of tea, the animation surprisingly is at top notch quality, and what’s scary, it’s produced by STUDIO DEEN, YES, DEEN. DEEN. DEEN. DEEEN. Which I’m having troubles in believing in…

Story: 6/10
Music: 5/10
Character: 3/10
Animation: 10/10
Overall: 6/10

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

A rushed, unplanned and original ending, just as planned. Being the fact that the original light novels is still ongoing therefore a real “ending” is still absent, the director decided to use a dummy ending rather an open ending so that a second season could follow on. The dummy was kinda too generic and closed in my opinion since they decided to kill off Peterhausen (this doesn’t happen in the light novels) in exchange that everything is restored to peace and that everyone (except for the crew) has forgotten about the incident about the Demon Lord and flash forward to the new semester, where our Demon Lord-to-be is yet again redeemed by the wise raven to be a coveted Demon Lord in the future. Personally I think this was rather uncalled for since this will lead astray when/if another new season follows after. Perhaps leaving it an opening ending or having the daimaou end up with someone would be a far more suitable course of ending, in opinion that is. Anyway, Daimaou turned out to be a good anime to watch, the story wasn’t that half bad, the characters as eccentric as ever and the opening proving to be the most budget-inducing scene ever. However though I do feel that a few elements that are on the tip of my tongue that have been mistakenly left out of the anime… For example the lack of back/foregrounding with the antagonists seems as though some pack of baddies just popped out of nowhere and are trying to take over the world, the past between Sai and Keena was too little exposed meaning us anime-goers didn’t get to fully grasp the past between them and the events prior to the start of the series. There just so many important things I believe that have been sadly left out and the stuff included all crammed into a 12 episode series. Also personally again I think Daimaou receiving 26 or so episodes would suitably fit all the current material covered in the light novels more, rather than compressing it all half-assed in 12 crummy episodes.

Needless to say, despite the utter downsides of Daimaou and it’s lack of foregrounding, Daimaou did deliver a fair amount of humour and lolz to lighten our depressing moods while throwing in the obligatory borderline-hentai ecchi scenes to enrich our libido. If there were indeed a second season I’d prefer how they did it to FMA and restart everything and follow more closely to the original source. Period.

Story: 8/10
Music: 4/10
Character: 8/10
Animation: 7/10
Overall: 8/10

Kiss x Sis

I lol. I lol. I lol. Kiss X Sis turns out to be all the more, the most generic fanservice and borderline H animu I’ve seen this season. Holding no sense of plot all in all, well, other than Keita trying to study his ass off just to qualify enter the same high school as his “older sisters”, but that’s about it really, Kiss X Sis instead focuses more heavily on the borderline ecchi acts performed throughout every episode and throw them out as their main selling point. Guess what I trying to say is that KissXSis can’t live without the constant dose of ero scenes…

The ending to KissXSis isn’t all that much surprising. Keita finally enters the entrance exam to the high school his older sisters is at, only to find he wasn’t accepted. But what I don’t get is next, where Mikuni gives Keita a letter, saying that he did got accepted after all, but well, that’s how it ends. Your loss.

Though I do give it to ‘feel’ (the animation studio) for managing to grasp the anatomy and the animation technique of a female body work, and of course the voice cast giving up their dignity in acting up some sexual moans and the like, I still don’t feel that much content or satisfied after watching all 12 episodes, compared to the OVA, which I think is much better than the TV series.

I dunno really, I somehow did managed to go through all 12 episodes, though I didn’t really feel like I gained or experienced anything back…meh

Story: 2/10
Music: 3/10
Character: 3/10
Animation: 6/10
Overall: 3/10

Mayoi Neko Overrun!

I am disappoint. I made a whole entire post about this before Spring about how much I love the manga, only to find the anime to be a relatively giant red ball of disappointment.

The main reason why I think the anime is a huge disappointment is the fact that every episode is entirely different and has no partial relation to past episodes. However after a little research from guy anons of 4chan I came to discover that each episode was actually directed by a different director, thus having episode 10 (I believe) being a total Saki parody being directed by the director of Saki.

Another reason is the animation. The level of quality often differs from episode to episode, deformations of the characters are abundance (I can even remember a time where Tatsumi’s eyes weren’t leveled) and the colouring palette was simply just too saturated.

Not much of a conclusion at the end of the series, just Nozomi facing the danger of being forced to go back to the place where she escaped back in episode 1. Nice obligatory ending, but seems a little rushed, flashbacks too abridge and quick to fully grasp the understanding and the resolution far too obvious.

Yuka Iguchi, known for taking the role for Index in TAMnI, takes the role of Chise in Mayoi Neko. Thought her voice was cute at the start, only to find rather too annoying and ringing in my ears every time she spoke… which kinda demotivated me.


Yui Horie was the only saviour to Mayoi Neko. SAVE US!!!




No… don’t cry Nozomi :<

Nozomi is also the first in history to actually point out the obvious. Effectively.

“It’s like dividing by zero”, Fumino and Chise thought.


So close…!

All in all, despite proving to be disaster compared to the novels and manga, Mayoi Neko did offer us some decent entertainment and sense of plot/character development, opening and ending sequences just a few more generic J-pop moe moe music and just another harem slice of life ecchi development animu. I rest my case.

Story: 7/10
Music: 4/10
Character: 8/10
Animation: 4/10
Overall: 5/10

Part 3 (last) on the way.

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