Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 02 – Badass Hunter Morito is Badass

Couldn’t resist making a post about the second episode of Ookami-san. What can I say? It’s pretty damn awesome.

Cutting to the chase of the details of the episode, I just had to *heavily* point out at how Morito was so damn manly and seriously badass in this episode, welll for several minutes that is, but still what a great epic scene in the second episode proving that Morito did grew some balls at the start and also having the potential and worthiness of being an actual main character. Simply marvellous.

The gender intended for the underwear is unknown as of late.

Wise words from the legendary Hunter Ryouji…

But even still, Morito’s scopophobia and lack of self esteem remains as the series’ main selling point…

Also in this episode, Ookami’s “wolf’s skin” (***coughtsunderecough***) is finally exploited, exposing the partial truth and background of her personality as well as her feelings. Quite tsundere-like if you ask me. On a more detailed note, I loved how Shizuko Ito (VA for Ookami as well as Hina from Hayata) has acted out her voice during the deredere moments, so godly…

Oh, and an added special Ookami loli as a bonus too, be grateful guys.

The way Itou said “Yeah” reminded me of how Hina in Hayata would say it… good times eh?

For a minute there I thought it was the original palmtop tiger…


On a more positive note, Ookami has gotten new redux’d Neko Neko Knuckles, this time with added special Railgun powers (Sponsored by your obligatory Biribiri).

What’s better than to end the episode with an expired plot twist that will come into effect in a few weeks time…

Overall, this episode is all well and good. Animation I assume was a bit dodgy at times and the opening as memorable as ever. Though a little complaint to the ending… Wasn’t really fond of it since it’s a ripped traditional 8bit or something song founded in the 70s (as stated in the credits) though the visuals did a pretty good job to support the music, but seemed rather low budget…

Episode 3 looks promising, that is I’m hoping for at least ONE SCENE where they’re all in class in school or something.

To end this post in a composite and etiquette manner, an example why the narrator is so goddamn annoying…

Duude seriously, STFU

Anyone who wishes to waste more of their time can go read my first impression of Ookami-san here.


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  1. Fabrice July 11, 2010 / 07:31

    I still think hes a douch -.-
    I still have my doubts about this show =/

    i mean …*sigh hard to exlpain..


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