So I’m watching Darker than Black…

Suddenly, I became infatuated by the first season’s first ending sequence. Rie fu’s wonderful voice… Yin sitting atop the vast layer of water… so… beautiful…

Opening post art by Exsigo.

While I’m at it, the Vocaloid version starring Miku~


4 thoughts on “So I’m watching Darker than Black…

  1. Yin is the reason why i watched this series.
    Hopefully you too have a similar reason to me XD

    anyway does that make me the 600th commenter?

    Congratz! if so =)


  2. In fact, that’s actually the reason why I’m watching this series. Plus the curiosity after reading the manga by YenPress…haha

    And CONGRATS for being my 600th official commenter! You receive a prize of getting an @ mention regarding the agenda on Twitter!


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