End of Spring Anime 2010 Review – Part 3

Post came out rather unusually late than ever. But hey, work (experience) is eating up 60% of my freedom time so time was scarce these past weeks and only had time for small posts. Hahaa…small

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But enough excuses on with the last part of my Spring Animu ’10 Review. No screens in this post due to my laziness, think you’d get the picture now.

Saraiya Goyou

I didn’t really followed what actually happens and the plot in Five Leaves, after the first episode I wasn’t that much satisfied to the point I dozed off a couple of times while watching, guess OCD took the better of me and forced me to watched (despite not actually watching) all the way to the end (but not for Uraboku HAHAA). But taking consideration of the material that I… took some interest in, I grasped the fact that it’s about a deprived samurai joining some kidnapping agency making money via ransoms for a living, only catch is that the people are not that bad and only target victims in certain tight situations, mainly regarding about family/relation problems while the “Five Leaves” (what they’re called, hence the series name) think the best way to calm everything down is to kidnap the person who’s in the middle of the trivial situations and conflicts and demands ransom money (which I think contradicts and makes things even more worse, but hey not my show). Though on a negative note, the series was rather slow-paced for me and they didn’t really fully introduced or even explain the subplots and the situation a hand, heck I don’t even know what the characters names are!

But overall, the ending did end in a generic and traditional manner, the characters seemingly vast, memorable and original and the animation proving to be the best feature of this series. Thumbs up manglobe!

Story: 5/10
Music: 3/10
Character: 6/10
Animation: 8/10
Overall: 4/10

Since it appears the manga series has already end, a sequel seems scarce…

And lastly before the ratings you gotta see the ending sequence if you don’t watch Five Leaves, it’s actually a bitta mindfuck if you ask me…but epic

*youtube link of the ED goes here but however no Five Leaves ED videos seem to have surfaced*

Seikon no Qwasar

Now this quite questionable. At the start of the year when the series was starting out, I thought that Qwaser would be a really great action-packed shonen gothic fighting anime, only to be distrained by the brief summary on Wiki/ANN pointing out that it contains “breast feeding” as a vital element to the plot as it “powers up the so-called Qwasers in order to effectively fight”. I thought to myself “WHAAAAAAA!?” but either way I watched it for the lulz.

That is, when I realised the analogue TV broadcast version was literally un-watchable due to censors of the “explicit” parts of the series, so I put the series on hold and wait for un-censored episodes to come so that I could watched in its original manner. Despite the fact that the uncensored episodes are released online in a small video box (equals crappy quality) and slow release date in terms with the official and subs, I still haven’t actually finished Qwaser (2 eps to go) despite writing this review. But hey the ending does seem obvious though.

Long story short, I think Qwaser would’ve turned out to be a great series to watch for the general older male demographic, if the constant ecchi fanservice tit-sucking bullcrap were to be omitted by something more… less perverted, and added more violence and gore. Perhaps like Needless, for example (heavy helpings of violence and a teaspoon of obligé fanservice).

Not gonna comment on the ending since I haven’t technically seen it, but in my intuition I feel the endings gonna be rather cheesy…

Story: 6/10
Music: 5/10
Character: 4/10
Animation: 7/10
Overall: 6/10

Senkou no Night Raid

Again, like Qwaser I haven’t finished this series due to lack of subs or anyone even bothered subbing this… this… you know what.

But with the matter at hand, this anime is all talk. Not the fact that this is over-rated, but literally ALL TALK. Seriously most of the time you’d simply see the characters in a random spot in Shanghai talking for 10 minutes, which in my eyes several centuries. Though this IS a drama wartime anime rendition so I may as well forgive… just the fact that wartime dramas are more better suited to be actual LIVE ACTION dramas. Oh and with added ESP to it.

Noting more particular aspects, the action scenes aren’t that much special or given a little ‘ommph’ as I call it… the characters weren’t that much memorable or even the slightest remarkable (maybe except for the girl, heck I don’t even know her name, goes for show).

Being that this is the second “Anime no Chikara” project from A1/TokyoTV, this seems to be the most disappointing series yet. I rest my case.

Story: 6/10
Music: 7/10
Character: 2/10
Animation: 4/10
Overall: 4/10


***Ahh… I’m wasting too much time on this post, better wing this one liek a faggot…***

omgomgomg this liek- one of the best anime this season—

I’d love to work a Wagnaria—

Takanashi X Mahiru was just too cuute~~~ I want them to be togetherr <33 though Katanashi and Poplar would much more delicious—

The date between Takanashi and Mahitu in the last episode was all lulz~~~

Overall Working!! appears to have focused more on the character development and comedic lulz aspect of the series its known for, not much that of any sort of plot movement except for the first two or three episodes… All in all really enjoyed watching all 13 episodes the past three months.

*insert obligatory screens here but too busy to upload and process*

Story: 8/10
Music: 7/10
Character: 9/10
Animation: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

Spring Animu 2010 Review now done and dusted, I now proclaim Spring ’10 to rest in peace.


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