The World God Only Knows ANIMU PV!!


REJOICE! The news only came up to me while trolling around the recently updated Shonen Sunday website’s new’s page. But yeah as well as the TWGOK’s anime adaptation website being opened an official one and a half minute PV has been released!

Click here to go to TWOGK’s homepage.

Needless to say, the PV unsurprisingly looks goodly as well as promising. Elsee looking as cute as ever and Keima looking badass as he jumps out of a oversized PSP- err I mean PFP, beautiful.

Checking the specs of course, the anime will be produced by Manglobel. The same studio (consisting of Sunrise vagrants) who did Ergo Proxy, Sacred Blacksmith and most recently House of Five Leaves and Dantes Inferno OVA. Judging at Manglobe’s past works such as Five Leaves and Ergo Proxy’s animation quality, I can safe to say the quality will be retained at its most highest quality (the PV art in OP image). Hideyuki Kurata will taking charge of as the script writer, Watanabe Akio the character designer and Shigehito Takayanagi as the super director. Familiar peoples here so I guess the staff will be promising…

The seiyuus taking on the roles of the characters, so far has been confirmed for Keima and Elsee, names unknown due to my lack of understanding of the linguistics of the Japanese language, click here if you’re actually keen on it.

And last but not least, the anime (according to a few sources) has an expected release of either this Autumn or early next year, running for I say… 13 episodes? 26? Looking at the series lengths of Manglobe’s past projects, 26-28 episodes will be at the maximum…

I demand Norio Wantanabe as the narrator and moar Red Fire Trucks pl0x

Now, let me go back to reading my TWGOK discreetly at work…