Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 03

Ah screw it, might as well re-activate my episodic series of post and work on Ookami. Cuz hey, Ookami is that awesome.

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The third week into the Summer season (already?) this third episode focuses more on Tarou and Otohime, since they’ve been given not that much screentime the past two episodes…haha

So Otohime runs into Mimi, another student in the school as well being one of the most popular due to her loli-delicious looks. The two are then revealed to appear to know each other since elementary , when Otohime used to surprisingly be a fatass unpopular biatch who usually does stuff people don’t want to do, which made her to know about Mimi, who (unsurprisingly) was quite popular to the boys and had always bullied Otohime calling her a turtle (srsly). Though the reason how she became the thin bi-shojo she is today was due to Tarou (also a classmate she knew since elementary) and his motivation to enlighten Otohime’s life to what she is today, in a way or another. Point is that she went on a strict diet afterwards and had stalked Tarou ever since.

Shit just got real?


Ookami’s thighs… :3

No tits or GTFO… muahaha

Now that Otohime and Mimi are now fighting over Tarou and the hatred towards each other, they decide to battle it out entering the Miss Otogi Academy Contest, pretty much a popularity contest held at school hours. Otohime requests a favor to Otogi Bank to help her to win the contest and whoop Mimi’s ass afterwards, and promises to return the favour back afterwards (guess you all should know this at this point). And so, the derogatory campaigns between each other begins, tarnishing each other’s social status, which ultimately made BOTH of them quite unpopular… I lol’d at this point.

Loli in distress? IS CAN HELPZ~!!

Nice to see Rie Kugumiya taking the role for Mimi heres.

What journey can possibly make you go on for a whole year?

Haven’t I seen this before?

When you see it…


My impression of Liszt has completely crumbled to tiny pieces.

No seriously, I SWEAR I’ve seen this before.

Obligatory delicious Otohime service.


Ah yeah… Zero no Tsukaima. Though I do think Mimi would be far suited to be Louise…

Oh… Morino-kun

Brothers, we have done well.

Speaking of the loli…

Those who wish to not experience RULE 34 can click here to skip all the bad language your loli idol is spitting out.

At this point, Ookami-san and the other girl supporting members realise they’re already entered into the contest as well, much to Ookami’s surprise…

They have that many boys? Wow.

And now for the fanservice scene of the episode, get out your Kleenex for your convenience!



Isn’t that kinda dangerous?

But at the end of the day, turns out niether both of them came out at first place (Liszt Mrk. Crossdress came out first…that freak) or even came up to the rankings. However Otohime still wins over Mimi over a solitary vote from- you guessed it Tarou-kun!! And Otogi Bank’s favour to help Otohime win was actually to make her realise her importance of Tarou rather than winning some contest against Mimi.

For a second there, I though she was Alice with tanlines…


I think this battle is more Ringo vs Mimi then Otohime vs Mimi…

Battle of the Lolis perhaps.

Overlapping characters, it serious business creators.


Oops sorry, wrong person.

Otogi Academy really does spend its budget on some trivial equipment… Special 3D hologram effects projectors? Seriously??

As an added bonus, it turns out Ookami had also received a single vote, this time turning out to be from Ryoushi! Thus the bond between Ryouko and Ryoushi strengthens after all!

Oh Ookami~!!

Overall, this turned out to be a very entertaining episode. Nice to see the Tsunderedere queen making a full return to anime in the form of a underaged petanko girl who in fact is as old as the main mature characters. The fanservice in this episode was quite pleasing as well, with Otohime, Mimi and Ringo turning out to be the best overall (for me that is), disappointed though no Ookami service is present though… maybe next time.

Anyways, episode 4 here I come.


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  1. Episode is great for Kugimiya fags. Nothing is better than seeing her lose.
    Somehow I’m able to stand Toyasaki in this anmie because of the flashbacks.

    Anime still dumb as ever though.


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