Special Announcements!!

An original wallpaper sequel, made by yours truly.

So… a lotta’ announcements for me to make today eh?

So firstly, today; July 27th, 2010, is my 15th birthday!! Thank you in advance to those who had congratulated me on this special occasion by commenting under this post or in some shape or form.

Second, ironically, today on my birthday is also the day (hah) is the day where I fly off to HK for a few days and Vietnam for 2 weeks for my Summer Holiday! Bad thing is, due to certain circumstances I am unable to bring my 17″ laptop with me, making me internet-deprived for next several weeks…

Which makes it into my third announcement; meaning there will be no new posts of sorts for the next several weeks. Yes I am deeply sorry but it can’t be helped. Unless I find a nearby internet cafe in HK/Vietnam then I could slip in a post or something to let you all know how I’m doing (I doubt…hah!).

Anyway, I’m off now so have a good Summer break and I’ll be back sometime on the 17th August!

Until next time~


8 thoughts on “Special Announcements!!

  1. Happy birthday =)
    all the best for this year, hope you enjoyed yourself on this special day! or i should hope you enjoy your birthday trip to HK and Vietnam!
    take care!


  2. Am I a bit late to greet you?Anyway,Happy Birthday Nyarthy!
    I’ll be expecting a special post or some kind about your trips. :D


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