Well, it’s been a fun 22 days overseas in South Eastern Asia, but alls well that ends well, my sweet trip to Hong Kong and Vietnam has concluded.

Just a heads up post saying that I made it back alive and in one piece (kind of) plus the amount of loot I brought here and there accumulated to a monstrous amount (opening pic related). Also you may have seen me appearing on the webs several times over the past week, since I miraculously had been granted internet access from the said trip destination, but sadly was restricted.

Anyway, just completed 40% processing my 7GB worth of 6MP digital MQ pics in a few hours while listening to some sweet, new anime songs that had piled up on Nipponsei over the past 3 weeks in my reader, now off to get some sweet sleep.

HK/Viet post will pop up over the next week, so until then~


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