iPod Touch

I actually bought this. Ahaha


2 thoughts on “iPod Touch

  1. Screen protection on the touchscreen of the iPod Touch? Completely useless. That’s some kind of ultra-compressed glass 30 times harder than normal, basically impossible to scratch. I wonder why do they even sell those plastics, worst case you will crack that glass.

    I think you’re going to ruin the slick feeling of the glass with a piece of plastic on it. But eh, up to you.


    1. Ehh… It’s actually an ultra-thin sheet of plastic, it’s thick at the start due to the backing and fronting. After testing it out for several hours with and without the protection, I felt no difference with the touchscreen whether the protection was there or not.

      Also it was a few pennies since I bought it along with the iTouch, so what the heck.


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