Fall Anime 2010

Just me or is Fall always the season where there’s the most anime coming out all in one go, and also the season to premier ‘blockbuster’ type anime?

***Random Google image anime pic representing Autumn ftw***

But anyway Chartfag recently released the first instalment of Fall Anime 2010 visual preview thing.

And of course, my personal impression;

But before I rattle on about the new Fall animu coming out in a month I just have to make a remark on them fake Fall Anime ’10 posters that have been circulating around the webs, created by those impatient users and don’t live up to Chartfag’s slowpoke.jpg releasing. In fact, here’s a taster of them;

Franken Fran? Skip Beat 2? Claymore 2? Baccano 2? Bakemonogatari 2? Pokemon Adevntures by Funimation? Yotsuba!&? Kaiji 2??

From the moment I finished looking at these I knew these were too good to be true, so naturally following up I determined these were fakes. Furthermore, even if they were true, surely ANN and etcetera Anime News site would obviously report on such news like sequels to 4chan’s favourite anime. YES. 4CHAN. These trolls unsurprisingly are from 4chan as the pics above are genuine I fukken saved from several threads back in June.

Moving onto the main topic, Fall ’10, compared to the other three seasons this year, appears to be the best yet this year in my preferences, of course followed by Spring, Summer and Winter. Notable series such as The World God Only Knows, Panty and Stockings (ha!), Bakuman, Iron Man, Ore Imouto, INDEX SEASON 2 and Sora no Oto will be the top main series I’ll be watching, or should I be saying DEFINITELY GONNA WATCH. Along with the continuation of Arakawa, Letter Bee and Hakuouki, since I already watched the first season- or should I say half in Spring. (To Love Ru 2 perhaps?)

Soredemo Machi will be an interesting watch as will it be one of the show series by Shaft this season (along with Arakawa) while the new season of Pokemon (Best Wishes?) will be questionable due to its nature…

EMUEMU will be a lulz-worthy animu to get some kicks at after reading the first chapter of the mange somewhere (M-guy and lolis? I’M IN).

Please take note this is just a brief decision taking of me of my watchlist this coming Fall, and does not represent my absolute lineup and stuff. Not that any of you care…

Now allow me go back to my Shukufuku catch-up marathon.


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