Strike Witches 3rd Season/OVA Confirmed…?

Rather too soon to call out for a continuation since the second season is still on air? Yeah me too…

But the good news is that the Strike Witches legacy is not ending just yet. Good grief there’s more panty exposure action to come.

The good (nsfw) source.


6 thoughts on “Strike Witches 3rd Season/OVA Confirmed…?

  1. i don’t think it’s a third season. most likely an OVA. probably won’t happen but it might be an adaption of the manga that takes place between the two seasons of strike witches.


    1. Perhaps. But maybe I think an OVA will come out first, then some time in Spring 2011 they just suddenly announce a third season. =profit

      Please don’t molest me.


  2. i wouldn’t mind a third season. but as much as i love strike witches i’m worried it’ll get a bit too repetitive by then. :/

    they should animate the novels.


  3. I hope for 3rd season also major fan of Strike Witches but hes right it might get to repetitive


  4. i enjoy Strike Witches for the empowerment the girls have but whil showing how
    to look good doing it


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