So I brought some stuff…

Another loot post you dare say? hell yeah.

So I just came back from London picking up my mum from the airport (since she got to stay in Vietnam for another 2 weeks ;_;) and walked around the vicinity for a few hours. Little did I knew, I came back with a few items of loot. Enough of the trivial details and lets get on shall we?

Sneaky slideshow for your liking…

As you can see, it’s not really much as to what you can call a super sozed loot, but having just came back from overseas and used up a considerable amount of money, you can see why with the limited goods. But fear not as to the items I claimed seem rather interesting to what meets the eye.

Overall list of da loot;

  • Dengeki Bunko Magazine Vol. 15 (Sep 2010 issue).
  • Hayate no Gotoku! 25
  • Hayate no Gotoku! Special: LIFESAVERS

Funny story actually, while I was at the newly designated spot at Japan Center, I overcame the most hardest situation and decision deciding whether to get Newtype September issue (with Mio on the cover) or Dengeki Bunko. Surely you’d jest in the end that I chose Dengeki Bunko, but that was over the reason that I accepted was to collect a whole variety of 3D animu mags. I already have last years October issue of Newtype so I came to an agreement to get something new, so there.

Coincidentally, the September issue of Dengeki Bunko also came with several freebies, including a large-ass A1 (yes, A1) double-sided poster featuring Shana and Ookami…san? well maybe her or another different character from the show I’ve never seen, a large and small Drrr!! notebook (yes, notebooks) and a special Ookami-san guide thingy, with some special behind the scenes art from the anime series currently airing, interview with the creators, several original artworks from the original light novels as well as the first chapter serialisation of the manga adaptation. A mouthful imo but I made it.

Shana sided poster., lookin’ tsundere as ever.

Ookami-san (?) sided poster. Decided to hang this side up since I already have a few Shana posters hanging.

The special Ookami-san guidebook thing.

Lotta text.

Pics of the manga. Sad to say but I think Ookami-san is following Shana’s manga adaptation’s footsteps by having the art being totally generic and the whole story condensed.

Personally, I prefer the original art than the anime/mango art.

The Durarara!! notebooks.

Use for school or keep as memento? Discuss.

As for the real mag itself;

I’ll just leave this here…

Realised that this was a light novel rag. fffffff-

The specially coloured printed pages in this month’s issue (or September… Japan likes to be ahead of time eh?) feature Ookami-san, Durarara!!, Index 2nd Season and not forgetting Ore no Imouto!

Oh yeah, also featured interview bumper with Shizuka Ito (Hina… Ookami…) and Kanae Ito (Ringo… Saten…).

Index alert.

My favourite section.

Appears there gonna be an Oreimo PSP sim game. Game will seemingly showcase a new feature called LIVE2D, where the characters actually move, breath and blink all in real time. Much like the new thing in the PS3 version of White Album. There was a SanCom post about it but I’m too lazy to find it now :P

Do want. Drrr!! continuation anyone?

Must. find. out. this. series.

Shana section. Fourth and last OVA will be coming out this October!

Huh, text.

Kirino dakimakura must get.


Appears they’ll be a Nogizaka Haruka PSP date sim where you’ll get the chance to capture all of the show’s heroine’s hearts. Mika ending please.

Ladies vs Butlers original novel series serialising here, oh god that obvious trao whom’s name which I’ve forgotten.


I like where this is going….

And that basically covers Dengeki Bunko. Now onto the most recent release of the 25th volume of Hayate along with a comics special!!

First up, volume 25. Nothing really special here since it’s all chapters I’ve already read. Volume 25 basically covers the end and epilogue of the Golden Week and Athena Arc I’ve reviewed several months ago (remember the time when Hayate became all dramatic and serious than being all comedy and funny misinterpretations?), and begins the new ‘turning-over-the-new-leaf” arc where Hayate and the lot move out and begin their new daily lives in a normal living house (since Nagi lost the inheritance to her family’s wealth, remember?). So all in all, it’s all back in April/May this volume covers all right!?

Sorry if I spoiled anyone.

Now the topic I like to talk about is the special edition in the Hayate no Gotoku! series that came out along with Volume 25, as it recollects and showcases Kenjiro Hata’s (creator of HnG, if you didn’t already guessed) earlier works before his full-time work on HnG. On a personal note, I have been really anticipating and waiting for something like this to happen as I’m really curious about Hata’s earlier works that just seems to be not available anywhere on the net. Heck, I was also annoyed by the fact that they didn’t made Wiki articles about Hata’s earlier works, not even in stub form!

So it was a delight for me to finally hear this was to occur and, of course, to buy it today.

Anyway, lets dig deeper shall we?

Sad news first, I hoped for ALL of Hata’s earlier works shown in the list on Wiki (above) to be in this special ALONG with the one shot edition of Hayate AND the VERY FIRST ONE SHOT of Hayate where Hina and Yukiji were the main characters (which Hata mentioned in Hina’s profile). Sadly, no Hayate one shot was featured AND, one series from Wiki’s list, “Thunder Goddess Sofia” wasn’t in the book too, which was a downer for me since I thought they’d included it as to what it said in the article I read on Websunday.

But on the bright side, Heroes of the Sea: LIFESAVERS and God’s Rocket Punch! did made it into the special publication, and overall, it looked pretty great. I could also see how Hata’s art style was in the past and how he progressed to the present.

2003 to the left and 2010 redux at the right. Spot the difference?

So on with the earlier works themselves.

The special first features “Heroes of the Sea: LIFESAVERS”, a short series created by Kenjiro Hata and went into Shonen Sundays pages back in 2003 in the midst of July, and ending in November of the same year. Overall, the series spanned for a total of 5 chapters.

“Heroes of the Sea: LIFESAVERS” from looking at the pretty classic-Hata pictures makes me believe is about a group of your typical highschool teenage kids being lifeguards at some beach in Japan, and saving lives of the innocent from the hungry waters and the large ass cartoonist sharks.

In the pic above, the guy at the left appears to be called Souya, the girl Mitsumi, and the hunk at the right… he is known to be called the “LIFESAVER”.

Looking at these main characters, I can already see the similarities LIFESAVERS’ cast have compared to Hayate, and can identify what Hata had brought over from LIFESAVER to Hayate.

Souya = Hayate
Mitsumi = Nagi (but with boobs)
LIFESAVER = Hayate’s brother…?

Heck, even I saw a few characters looking like Saki, Izumi and Gilbert (Sakuya’s non-blood related brother?) appear in LIFESAVER.

EDIT: Now actually, I’ve just researched a little and realised that it appears Souya (main hero of LIFESAVERS?) actually makes it over to Hayate no Gotoku! as one of Hayate’s former classmates! If you don’t remember him, I suggest you read the first chapter or one of the recent chapters about Ayumus birthday and his sudden cameo, it also revealed that he is not good at anything other than SWIMMING. What he does ALL THE TIME IN LIFESAVERS. Character migration all in one piece? Oh Hata…

Some pics;

Hata’s message or something?

With LIFESAVERS taking up about 87% of the special’s pages (presumably, this maybe why the other earlier series of Hata’s work…Sonia? was left out, along with the Hayate one shots) the rest is filled up with Hata’s one shot called God’s Rocket Punch! The original one shot appears to be had came out in the Autumn edition of Shonen Sunday R as a genuine one shot to see if it proved popular, sadly, it appears that it didn’t and was thereby scrapped by Hata-sensei. Maybe if it were proved popular at the time, maybe it would be still going on today pushing Hayate into the void perhaps?

Looking (again) at the pretty Hata-classic art, it appears to be a story about two orphaned boys living together at some new house they’s going to live in, only until a Goddess (dun dun DUUNNNN) appears out of nowhere and barges into their newly profound lives. The boys obviously are then on rough terms with the Goddess as a series of events occur (the Goddess looks to be airheaded), only to end in a bank robbery where they work together to apprehend the suspect. The three then coincide and live happily ever after, it appears.

Obviously by looking, Hata later put the Goddess into Hayate, but only into the inside of the front cover where there is usually a introduction to the volume. Maybe this solves the fact as to her believing herself to be God in Volume 3 since she’s a crossover character from Hata earlier works, but we didn’t know that before didn’t we? :9

Loli Izumi also appears to be in God’s Rocket Punch!, only to being held at point blanc, lovely.

Also as an omake of this post, my mother had also brought back a few things from Vietnam I was unable to buy and bring back myself, including Ayumi Hamasaki posters and the cool traditional Vietnamese hats.

My first 3D azn posters…if you know what I mean.

Trivia: I only asked for one.

To end this considerably long enticing post:

More posters to spruce up my dull looking walls. Brilliant!


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    1. Maybe. Just felt a sudden ‘HNNG’ moment when I saw her while flicking through the pages. I’ll be anticipating this after Ore no Imouto.


  1. Soooo, I know this is a 4 year old post BUT!! It’s one of the very few referencing the Ookami-San guidebook, which is now incredibly difficult to find.

    Do you still have that book in your possession and if yes, would you be able to make some scans of certain pages?
    I was able to find one photo of a page showing how Ryoko’s Nyan Knuckles are shaped and how they unfold. Really, any costuming references for her would be amazing. But I’m in the middle of making both sets of her weapons and it’s difficult to find decent break downs for them. :)

    Hopefully you’re still active enough on this blog that you run across this message!


    1. Eyyyyyyy, luckily I left email notifications on so I noticed your comment!

      I would be happy to provide you scans of the guidebook although I have no access to them at the moment because I’m currently living away for university, I could scan the book once I go back home but that won’t be until this Christmas, so sorry!


  2. Hi! Do you know if that Dengeki Bunko isn’t sold out yet? (I know that it’s really old, kind of, but I’m such a huge fan of Ookami-san >.<)


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