It sadly is.

I was actually surprised to see first thing in my RSS reader from ANN announcing that some Taiwanese TV station decided to do a Live Action adaptation of Hayate no Gotoku!, that is when I saw the initial main cast. It appears this Taiwanese actor called George Hu, 28 years old will play Hayate and this Korean actress, Shin-Hye Park will play Nagi. I’m not your typical yaoi dramafag Fangirl so I’m in no position to judge the actors.

The Taiwanese production and broadcasting company Gala TV has announced on Tuesday that it is making a live-action television adaptation of Kenjirou Hata’s Hayate the Combat Butler comedy manga. The story follows a boy named Hayate who serves as a butler, bodyguard, confidante, and more to a girl named Nagi to pay off a 156,804,000-yen (about US$1.8-million) debt. 20-year-old Korean actress Shin-Hye Park will play Nagi, while 28-year-old George Hu will play Hayate himself.

Viz Media will publish the 16th manga volume in North America next month. The manga already inspired two television anime series in Japan, and Bandai Entertainment announced at Anime Expo 2008 that it licensed the first anime series for North America. Crunchyroll simulcasted the second anime series in several countries as it aired Japan in last year.

Source: ANN

Another healthy source.

Though it rather disappoints me by the obvious missing sense of similarities between the 3D actors and the genuine 2D characters. First of all, THE COLOURS OF THEIRS DON’T MATCH. Surely having Shin-Hye Park dye her hair blonde may suffice, but that would be highly impossible, and for blue? Well, nope. Second, THEIR AGES ARE WELL OFF. 28 16 and 20 13 seems rather dubious to me and I wonder if in the adaptation whether they’ll proclaim that they’re the original age or simply change it all like in other adaptations saying a age that is irrelevant to the original. Third and last, WILL THE ACTING OF PERSONALITIES BE THE SAME? Obviously, no. Though George Hu could survive his role of Hayate from looking but Shin-Hye acting all tsundere and cute in real life? Maybe not. Just thinking about tsunderes in 3D makes me shiver by the fact. And in my personal tastes, it’s just hard for me to say that this project will turn out to be a success. The last time I seen a anime/manga to live action adaptation was the 10th anniversary Conan special. The acting was really wooden and though the personalities does seemingly fit, the appearances of the people don’t match the characters at all, especially their hair, the most common problem of all manga/anime to live action series. But this is just the beginning, there is not an definitive answer proving whether this’ll be good or just another reject like Dragonball Evolution (maybe because they added in FOREIGNERS? and changed the whole STORY?).

I’ll be waiting for this to be released.


11 thoughts on “H-HAYATE I-IN A T-TV D-DRAMA!??

  1. >3D tsunderes
    >Trap detector is not pleased

    Welp, I’m going to have fun avoiding this. Also, Dragonball Evolution does not exist. People may tell me otherwise, but it does not exisrlugflkagah


    1. Yeah you’re right, Dragonball Evolution doesn’t exist. I don’t even remember why I added that into my post. Huh.

      Yeah you’re right, he doesn’t even look like a blatant trap.

      Yeah you’re right, 3D tsundere… ……. ……………………… …..



  2. Successful adaptations of Japanese manga are beyond rare yeah? And what’s more, they’re having a Taiwanese-Korean pairing here, which make me all the more curious about how it’ll turn out!


  3. It may be terrible, but look at it this way: hayate’s (the entire franchise) getting alot more popular :D surely that’s a good thing


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