Nyarth in Hong Kong 2010 – Day 2

Apologies for the lateness of the coherence of my travel posts covering my trip to HK/VN this summer, as it’s sad to know that I’m rather busy than usual due to take time and post stuff like this.


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So on the second day (that’s July 30th 2010) me and my family simply did more hiking and walking around the crowded streets of Mong Kok in the Kowloon area. Sadly out “tour guide” which was my mum’s friend (also part-time book writer) had to go away for the day due to work, so we simply went on by ourselves. Overall it was a nice day (not forgetting the fact that it was PIPING HOT ‘N’ HUMID THAT I SEEMED TO HAD SUFFOCATED IN) and I managed to collect a considerable loot. More on that later on.

Just a technical note, it seems having my huge batches of pics hosted on ImageShack was a bad idea as it’s taking forever for every pic to load, regardless of being only several hundreds KB in each. So I decided to uploaded it to my own WordPress server inorder to speed the load time up. Expect photos to load faster now, I might have to do a re-upload for my earlier post…

If scrolling isn’t your thing, you can check all of this post’s photos out by flicking through this nifty slide show below.

First places me and my folks visited was the Grand Century Place, which was located at the same place as the Royal Plaza Hotel (sadly I didn’t stay at that rich-looking hotel).

Grand Century place a nice relaxing plaza filled with top-notch stores and brand-name shops fit for any woman, wasn’t much interest for me since most shops were all selling cosmetics.

You can visit their site here.

HK people don’t liek teh hawks.

No married car couples pl0x, in the plaza.

Appears Shrek 4 recently came out in HK, so naturally large areas in the plaza is heavily devoted to it promoting the movie.

Naice to see some oversees buttsecks.


The location of the escalators around the plaza was confusing as hell, raged after finding out the escalator going to the floor I wanted was going the opposite direction and decided to use the back stairs.

What was rather fairly convenient was that walking off on my own, I ran into a bookshop called POPULAR Books, a chain of book shops scattered throughout Asia selling every book you could think of, heck I even saw Twilight translated into Chinese, which scarred my heart a bit… they also sell some other stuff too, including stationary, DVDs, CDs, multimedia and even toys too. Compared to the UK, I’d think POPULAR was like WHSmiths…

What also brought me delight was the fact that the place had also sold manga as well as light novels! All directly translated into Chinese of course.

Unable to think of what to get, I scan through everything in the manga and light novels section, and I was surprised to notice that 70% of the series present were ones that I was familiar with. There’s your usual Shana and ZnT, Index and Railgun and Spice and Wolf and Dokuro-chan, heck and even Naruto. All manga/light novels were priced at around HK$40-88, which was fairly around the same price as in the UK where I buy my supplies.

In the end, I screwed up after being pressured by my parents telling me I had to go and chose volume 3 and 4 of OreImo (recognised the series but didn’t know exactly what the title said) and volume 3 of Ro-Kyu-Bu!, much to my parents surprise when they saw the suggestive covers…

*cue epic-fail tune here*

Btw link to POPULAR’s site is here.

But anyways after that nonsense we had a few “ridiculously expensive” mediocre drinks and headed out to explore some moar.

View of Ladies’ Market from the bridge.

This bridge actually.

Some boxes hangin’ around…

Diving back into the crowds of people I’ve missed.

Some snacks and confectionery…

Should’ve hopped in…

Saw fairly a lot of sports shops in several districts… though the question is; are they real or fake…?

This one trying to make a run for it.

Now this cought me by surprise, is that Miku and Luka?

Some series of POV buildings shots.

First oversees Starbucks joint I’ve seen in person. Wow.

Anyway a follow up to my purchase of OreImo and RoKyuBu I ran into the CTMO center by chance. In a way, the district appeared to be a mini Akihabara due to the several anime/manga/toys/goods shops lined up on the street.

Note: that animate store is a lie, the place simply sells rip-off fake childrens and babies’ toys, nothing anime/manga related at all, I was sad upon entering…

Back at the CTMO Center, the place was simply a mini plaza with small alotted shops and business for local residents. Basically put a person sets up a small shop and rents a space in the center every month (around HK$4000-500000 per month), the higher the floor of space, the cheaper the rent, one might say.

Around the first and mid second floor, there was this shop that was selling mainly anime/manga figues and goods that was unsurprisingly over-priced.

Asuka nendroid poster.

Yui and Azunyan figures!

Sadly I looked at their original packaging and price and it appeared to be fakes ;_; HK$15 for both at that.

Was gonna get it but considering the space in out Economy Class luggage, had to bail out.

The GARR’ly drill that pierces the heavens!!

STILL wanted…?

Sign said “No photography” in bold caps lock lettering, so naturally I took a picture of it ^^

Punk’d AiAi, an example of what you can get in these personal shops.

The place seems to have been facing a little financial crisis, as I had risen to the next floor (14 floors overall…?) there were less shops opening as I gone up a level, and at the top level guess what; it was a ghost town. No shops present and simply all with the closed railings. Floor creeped me out a bit with the write background light piano music so I gone back down.

Anyhow after coming out of the CTMO center it was time to stroll around a new market area yet again, selling more cheap and fake tat!

Place also had foreigners which surprised me. Obvious Aussies haggling fake Chelsea bath towels were obvious.

I also saw some “POP Stations” on offer at one stall, even seeing a obviously fake PS3 slim with a crappy LCD screen at the top. Thing was HK$90 so I wouldn’t think of  anyone buying that…

Fake… or not fake?

Well after trolling through the markets time for MOAR strolling through the developed areas and drool over the food stands selling cheap and delicious traditional HK food.

Skies becoming dark. Weird that it becomes dark at 6pm despite being in Summer, guess that HK is in the southern hemisphere…

Park, think you shouldn’t smoke there.

Thought of doing a Gal-game screenshot style of a background, but utterly failed when I twitched and tilted the angle a bit ;_;

And the dinging begins, so many people!

This message…

When you see it…

I saw kids staring at this pic. No kidding.

Sasa! I keep seeing this store everywhere.

That taxi….

Oh yeah, that’s out hotel, namely speak.

So it was 4pm-ish, and dawn was about to set. Back at the hotel to get some rest before going out again to get some dinner as well as stroll for a bit more in the night city scape.

Looking at the loot I bought. First; the light novels I got from POPULARs, you know what the series are…

Bakemonogatari dangly figures, got it at the figure/goods place at the CTMO Center I introduced earlier on…

Now a group shot of everything I got so far.

MEANWHILE ON TV, saw Spongebob Squarepants as well as GA: Geijitsuka Art Design Class, IN CANTONESE. My gawwly were the dubs were actually pretty decent, in its own way…

Video time!!

Watching this reminded me of how GA was and how much I missed it :( I demand fund for season 2.

Ahh night. You may have noticed that I took far as much as daytime photos than at night time, the the city is at its finest, well that’s because it appears that camera only works at ITS finest when under the mist brightest lighting as possible, whereas at night with lowlight, the pictures come out as blurry and grainy as ever, heck it takes longer to process as well. I need a new camera.

More nom nom yum yum delicious roast pork~!

Smooth tender chiken~

Some crispy meat thing that forgot its proper name…

Well, it was a fine dinner at this rather expensive restuarant at the Pioneer Plaza, which happens to be a street away from my hotel.

So to end the day, what more could me and my family do than to walk around the Pioneer Plaza and look at some stuff. Also stumbled upon a tech store selling obviously modded devices such as a iPod Touch 3G with added phone, and a iPhone 3GS with an added antenna to stream free HK TV. It was called “iPhone?” on the lable with the price of HK$5000.

They also were selling rip-off iPads (shown above) that seemed to runs Android.  Quite smaller than the iPad, but still the same style. With the price tag of HK$1280, that’s around £107 or US$160 it’s rather cheap then the genuine iPad itself. Surprised to see several people around me (when I took this pic) that actually brought the thing and were using is to email people. I even saw a few people using it at the bus stop earlier on in the day. Shit real?

Model planes~

Naice caramel syrup iced coffee that only cost a few HK dollars. Now that’s what I call cheap as hell!


Epic church is epic.

And that fully ends another fine fascinating day at HK. Up next on my third and LAST day in HK, me going to Lantau island part of HK and meeting the Big Tian Tan Buddha, be sure to stay tuned~