Nyarth in Hong Kong 2010 – Day 3 (FINAL)

Met Big Buddha, did some Bai Sun (praying with insense) last minute stroll around Mong Kok. A great way to end my HK stay.


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Soo on 31st July, after growing in envy and regret over a news report on TVB covering the first day of the Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong (ACGHK) event the day before (30th July), basically an Animu and Mango and Games convention the equivalent to Comiket, but slightly smaller, discovering how friggin awesome the event was in the report (sadly unable to go due to transport and typical parent rejection), me and my folks left the hot, humid, smelly hustle and bustle of Mong Kok for Lantau Island, going to several popular monasteries, temples and wotnot as well as Big Buddha (which I have a special video to show later on), you know, to bring out the true Buddhist I really am.

But seriously having a ACGHK post as my Day 2 would’ve been sweet.

**Irony as this is, on this trip to the Buddhist temples, being the azn I am I realised from my parents that I wasn’t “actually/officially” Buddhist! Appears it doesn’t apply since I’m born from a foreign country and the motherland and clearly states on my birth certificates or something. Irony.

Again, if scrolling to see pics isn’t your thing, you can always view the slideshow covering every pic in this post below.

A few pics taken from inside the family carrier (an acquaintance was our driver) leaving the city if Mong Kok.

(Pics should load faster now they’re hosted on WordPress’ server, if not then quit using IE!)

Epick shawwt.

Daayuum. One small turn to the left could’ve got me into Disneyland!!

Arrived at the Bus station which from there directly takes us to Ngong Ping Village, the home of the Big Buddha. You can view their site and everythin’ if you have interest;


Though we could’ve got the chance to ride on the Cable Cars and travel to Ngong Ping Village in style, and also took great stunning pics of the “360” degree panorama image from the cable car’s window… but sadly we were short on HK cash and with each cabin at about HK$2400 STANDARD to actually get in, we chose the cheap ole’ bus :(

U Engrish?

Had several minutes before the bus arrived, so I did some explorin’ at a nearby plaza which was part of the bus stop for people travelling and waiting for their buses.

One 46 minute long bus journey up the mountains and stuff, we’ve arrived!

Entrance, sadly at the time the clouds weren’t too happy :(

Had a place in the village that was solely devoted to capsule machines. Capsule machines only accepts HK$2 coins or HK$5 coins depending on what machines you choose and the quality of the items.

Expensive monkeys are expensive.

Map of the place, shops in the village (including Starbucks) were mediocre, didn’t buy much there since I only had HK$30 left due to throwing it all away in Mong Kok, so sadly I only browsed around.

When you see it…



Watta’ ripoff

7Eleven, fukken EVERYWHERE IN HK

After trolling around at the Village and had a nice relaxing pee in the dirty toilets in the village (toilets in hotel ruled best toilet I used in HK).

9632km away from UK? I could make it.


Being a photographerfag here, sumthing wrong?

Guy was looking at the entrance gate cropped from that bag’s handle hole. Dunno why o.o

Now it was time to trek the 268 stepped stairs towards Big Buddha! Honestly had a great time at the Big Buddha, after seeing it numerous times on TV as well as on the internet and HK dramas I thought I was meeting a celebrity (sadly, I didn’t).

Video taim! Watch as I walk up the Big Buddha and as I walk down the Big Buddha, while yo read some tangible facts I ripped from Wiki, enjoy!

If you had a lazy eye and missed the pics in the video;

The backside of Big Buddha, now that’s what you don’t see everyday 8D


Long nails imo, I was saving them to be manicured in Vietnam.

Back outside the village, it was already noon, so we had a break and lunch before going

Nice dog :D

First typical Asian vending machine I saw up close, it was awesome.

Had some vegetarian food at this restaurant at the place, the waiters and watresses were in traditional monk clothing and everything! Food didn’t really suit me since I’m a carnivore -_- but the fried baby sweet corn was nice.

Now it was time to go Bai Sun’ing.

It rhymes!

So basically, we had to buy a pack of incense at a counter selling them at a reasonable price of HK$20 for standard and all the way to HK$200 for more super special insenses, as shown below.

This was brought and put on by some foreign baka gaijins with sunglasses and large-ass bag packs, no kidding. They weren’t speaking English when I walked past them either.

Fire furnace where we all lit our incenses, dip your hand in them and expect your hand to be fried.

Seriously, the place reeked of strong incense smells, you can even feel the smell hitting on your face thanks to the intense hot heat out. There are even places such as in temples where you’re not allowed to have lit incenses, as it’ll tarnish the place, my mother indicts.

Craftily, I had a chicken wing in my bag :O

It was around 2pm or something when we had finally finished our business (meeting Big Buddha, walked around the insides which, I unfortunately unable to take pics due to obvious reasons, and also eating vege food and bai sun) and sadly had to leave in-order to go to other independent temples in Tsing Yi, the lone island in HK in-between Lantau Island and Mong Kok and New Territories. Though in my knowledge of the mapping.


The cable cars ;_;

Have to say HK as a lotta tall-ass buildings that seem to be apartments where people live in according to me father.

This is one of the temples we’ve visited.

Furnace was rather more basic than in Lantau.

Handful! And what’s more they were free! Compared to at Lantau >.<

Washbasin to wash your hands after bai sun’ing (to get rid of the yellow powder residue ya’ knoww).


Just sayin’

I went in.

Lotta donation boxes there, also many students in their uniforms throwing loo$e change in them. Must be for exams or something.


Notice the tower at the left from the centre, so narrow!

After our bonus bai sun at some temple in Tsing Yi, it was time to return to Mong Kok after a really tiring day out n about in Lantau to get some rest, before going out again of course to stroll around one last time and get some dinner.

Stationary Warriors Movie? 3D? WAT.

Lift we usually go on to get to our suite suddenly broken, so we had to use the one next to it -_-

Suddenly on TV when I got back, GA! Canton dub!!

This calls for some video footage.

If my facts are right, this was the second episode of the series and the video covers the scene Kisaragi was trolled about the granny selling her “magical” sketch pencils that’ll surely have her pass her exams, and was simply doing so to make some business. Watching this made me realise how GA was awesome and how much I miss it :( Luckily the OVA had came out for awhile which made me relive the experience. Now that it ended, I feel sad :(( I demand a second season pl0x :<

Also had Prince of Tennis…

…and Cross Game.

Man HK TVB gets all the good anime series on its screens. The only animu canton-dubbed in TVB Europe are ole 90s/00s animu like Princess Tutu, Hungry Heart: Wild Strikers and Nanaka 6/17.

Being that this is our last dinner at HK, to end it with style we’d went to a Sushi bar at the Pioneer Plaza (again!) and ate some nice sushi, as well as some traditional Japanese beef. After several plates, the bill raked in a massive HK$340. The most expensive dinner me and my folks had these three days.

As you can see, the prices for each individual dish.

Rotating belt was manditory. Also we can personally order more mediocre Japanese food and have it specially served by filling out the form. Course the food were expensive as hell, so we didn’t order =_=

After that, we did our VERY LAST walk around the Pioneer Plaza as well as going to 7Eleven one final time (and also getting the sweet 7Eleven UMBRELLAS) aand walking downtown getting our last iced teas and it was ultimately, it. We went back to the hotel to pack all our stuff and sleep, ready to get a wakeup call from the hotel at 4am ready to get to Hong Kong International Airport and fly to our next destination, Vietnam!

Outside the hotel at 4am, place was STILL relatively lively since it was a Sunday. And STILL, hot n humid n smelly. After which, we got out luggage from the monkey boy in the monkey suit, paid our stay at the hotel (HK$4330=/=£330 $557) and got on the airport bus shuttle and drive down to the airport. Journey was about half hour being that HK was a ridiculously small nation.

4:50am, or so.

Checking our flight number, times and wotnot.

Our stuff.

6:25am, our flight! It was time to leave the my mother nation of HK for my joint-mother nation, Vietnam!

Plane was a short haul flight (meaning a short flight journey, 2.5 hours long really), meaning the plane was rather small and the monitors were shite. I mean, who flies from HK to Vietnam?

Some freebies that we werent allowed to take off the plane for some reason…

A quick pic before the captain telling us all to turn off every electrical equipment.

Bye bye Hong Kong!

Being a short flight, there really wasn’t anything to do on the monitors, so I thought I’d listen to some J-Pop songs.

Reading the newspaper. Suddenly, KIDS SECTION!

Oh lawl GA! On weekends at 4pm on TVB Jade.

Little did I know about the J-Pop listing, there was Ray of Light by Shoko Nakagawa! Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’s 5th ending!! So obviously I listened to that on the journey before suddenly falling asleep. Luckily it was a small flight meaning I didn’t became sick. Airplane food was still stale as ever, making me slightly losing my appetite after eating the bacon, which was literally honey roasted ham.

And so, my HK journey has ended! Had a wonderful time at HK to say at least. Minding the intense temperature, the humid environment and the distinct smells you’d sniff at every corner, the rat poison layed out at the crowded markets and shop assistants following you everywhere in a shop invading your personal space, it’s a very good country to visit, also being my slight native country, it was good coming back for the very first time.

Up next in my (late) travelling tales, my two-week long journey in Vietnam, and oh ho ho, it’s gonna be great.

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