Surprise Update!

It brings me great pleasure to announce that N-YARTH!! is no longer supported by IE!
>>>>Viral marketing? NOWAY.<<<<

I am not dead yet, seen the notice in the side bar?

Before Fall season kicks off, just wanna share with you darn youngsters the little-now-major updates I’ve done to my site that you may have already noticed. Tried to keep it secret but it appears that has failed D;

Why you ask because of these updates? Because I am Kami-sama himself. /sarcasm

Anyway here’s the list;

  1. NSSoM (2008-09) > Niyasu no Eden (2009-10) > N-YARTH!! (2010+)
    The most major changes of all. major. changes. Thought my second revised name was rather too wapanese, so I changed it into something more fitting, unique and based off a certain epic moe-blob animu series. Also an attempt to have it appear more obvious in a normal Google Search.
  2. Background
    Not major but noticeable. Been practising my Photoshop skillz and did some mega awesome background using only the most simplest of tools on PS. Only until I realised what the hell I was doing and switched to a normal black fade border, which took me several minutes to align the borderlines through trial and error. This is the end result.
  3. Header
    Chronological order of header as goes; Desu > Kirino/Desu > Loli Inami/Wet > Azu-nyan. Just a simply crop/resize of some random person’s fanart. Be informed that I might change the header every week or so. Maybe not.
  4. Site Icon
    Noticed or not. Graduated from having the icon the same as my Gravatar and made a blog-exclusive logo just to make this place look a little bit more cooperate and elite. Just sayin’
  5. Old Posts GET!!
    Remember my old blog? Not surprised if you said no really. Decided to ultimately put down the blogger blog’s misery and immigrated migrated all posts/comments (1..haha) to over here! Anyone who wishes with all their heart to read my ’08 old weeaboo posts can read them old to new here. is now the only main and alive burogu I have on the net.

And to end my post, a quick forcast in future posts;

Trip to Vietnam coverage coming soon and it seems episodic posts will be making it’s scurrying return! Full episodic posts I’ll be covering this Fall;

  • Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai
  • The World God Only Knows
  • Sora no Otoshimono: Forte

This time, I’ll try to suppress the amount of screens to post in each post!

And lastly End of Summer 2010 Review post coming along smoothly too. Watch this space~