Ore no Imouto PVs!

My super lurking skills really paid off just now, now that I’ve discovered that new PVs for Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (Will be calling it Ore no Imouto/Oreimo to save typing space) recently have been released! GLORIOUS!

The PV’s in question.

Those not bothered to view from the official source can view the mirrored versions on YouTube, though I cannot guarantee their hosting life-span…

Obligatory fun free wallpaper.

Compared the first PV that came out a few weeks ago, simply a animated minute slideshow with background music… The two (or three) new 15/30 secs PV for TV airing during breaks now reveals Kyousuke and Kirino’s true voices, acted by of course, Yuuichi Nakamura and Ayane Taketatsu respectively. From the voices presented in the PV, I can see direct similarities between both Kyousuke and Kirino’s to other series ie. Kyousuke’s > Tomoya from Clannad and Kirino > Azu-nyan from K-ON!, and truth be told, the characters respectively actually share the same voice actors!

Also in the PV shows more several-second footage from the series as well as throwing in a taster of the opening sequence of the show, which appears to be called “irony” performed by ClariS, judging from the minutes worth of samples, I can safely say that it’s a pretty good song.

Now I seriously cannot wait for Oreimo!


6 thoughts on “Ore no Imouto PVs!

  1. I can’t wait either!! Even seeing that wallpaper is like a dream come true xD The only problem about light novels is that there aren’t many illustrations~


    1. Isn’t the purpose of light novels is to imagine the scenes yourself while reading?

      Though I admit, the illustrations/cover are meant to give you an impression of the definite designs of the characters.. but it would be rather weird to see illustrations every 5/10 pages…haha


    2. True xD But to see many of the characters together is nice~ for example, that Saori (the tall girl) is tall is often emphasized, but damn, I never imagined her so tall!


    3. Same height as Kyousuke imo. In the manga she was slightly shorter than him as well!

      Minami looks more like a boy than in the illustrations in the novel and the manga. IT’S A TRAP!!


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