Bad news guys

As you may have known if you’ve been stalking my twitter, I have been facing many problems with my HP laptop these past 7 months, in terms with crusty performance. Today, I gave it back to PC World (the place where I got it from) and it appears I’ll have to wait a week for it to be checked and fixed, alas I am now laptop-less for seven days and thus, my upcoming posts being delayed ;_;

But fear not! as I have a backup plan of getting back my old Acer laptop from my Dad and use that as a replacement for the time being. But that’ll have to wait a few days since he’s having a day off =_=

So yeah, just to clarify, I am not dead. The laptop is simply on vacation :>

Note: Wrote this entirely on my iTouch via WordPress app.


3 thoughts on “Bad news guys

    1. Fully charged my iPod the night before :>

      When it fully runs out THEN I’m screwed. But until then my old Acer would’ve arrived.

      Posting this from my iTouch too.


  1. Oh, technology is so nice xD When I find a job I’ll get one of those gadgets where you can browse the net without a PC or laptop, I always live in fear of my computer breaking down and having no internet… or there being trouble with my ADSL, or something. I can’t spend a single day without the internet!!


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