Sora no Otoshimono Forte – 01

Usually I don’t usually like to post episodics after the agony I suffered while writing the Hayate S2 ones over a year ago. But for this season I’ll let it slip, since I appear to have improved on my grammar and plot re-telling skills and more importantly, there’s bucket loads of favourites shows for me to watch this season so I couldn’t resist ;_; anyway click the jump to move on.


Tomoki is still having his recurring dreams of a girl with wings descending above him on a plain field and decides to get to the bottom of this and find out why this is happening. Ikaros suggests for them to use “The Dive Game” to solve this, a device that lets humans jump into anyone’s most recent dreams (Angels cannot since they cannot dream and has no right to enter one). With Nympth operating, Nympth screws up several times and sends Tomoki and the group to the wrong dream, each all belonging to Eishiro (overrun by a pterodactyl thing), Mikako (battling in a typical COD map campaign) and Sohara (TomokiXSohara LOL) respectively, until Nympth appears to get it right and send them to Tomoki’s dream, despite having to hack into it since there’s some sort of “protection” over Tomoki’s dream cabinet. In Tomoki’s “dream” they stand before a deserted place, nothing but a huge-ass pillar placed right in the middle of centre stage, which Tomoki implies that it wasn’t his dream at all. What appears to be written on the pillar appears to be in another language of some sort written by an angry person, says Sohara. Eishiro confirms that this has to be someone’s dream since there’s a withered Evergreen tree scattered all around the place with its acorns scattered around them. Before they all leave for the real world, Eishiro puts a twig off the small tree and a acorn with him, as he appears to be holding doubts. After sun down and Tomoki’s ranting at Nympth for not getting it right, Eishiro asks Ikaros for help to take out the trash, which was a perfect time to make her spill the beans that she knew all along what Tomoki’s dream really meant, but is unable to answer due to Synapse’s rules. Eishiro also reveals to her the twig and acorn he collected from Tomoki’s “dream”. And since Nympth said earlier on the episode that it’s no use bringing things back from the dream sim, since they are not real and would just disappear, Eishiro holds doubts that if Tomoki’s dream world was actually real. In the last few minutes of the episode, Astraea appears before Eishiro who happened to be nearby under the Cherry Blossom tree where Ikaros had fell before in a flashy violent entrance, with eyes set into hunting down Tomoki.


Didn’t we see this happening in the first episode LAST season? Anyhow I still lol’d xD

Come, bitches. Rid me of my boner!

“Please enter this black hole into the unknown.”

“What?” indeed.


They stepped into a territory they shouldn’t have…

NSFW alert! If someone is behind you scroll down this part. AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN.



For a minute there I thought this a parody of the reaction guys…

Ah. That’s the Sohara I know.

They never got to kiss ;_; sadfrog.jpg

To each is own, my good sir.



Tomoki’s grandpa as badass as ever. Personally, he is one of my idols who I look up to 8D

This pillar is MONUMENTAL.




Who could this be!??

ASTRAEA!!!! 8DD About time~

Some obligatory Ikaros service. TBC…

This episode started off in a positive way to kick off Forte. Even though the anime deviates the manga’s timeline and series of events, this chapter is based off the chapter in the manga after which Nympth is saved by those bitchy Angels and when Astraea is introduced, or so I think… In terms of the anime’s timeline of events, this episode directly carries on after the last episode of the first season, just as if there wasn’t a blatant year interval…lol

Overall, the first episode of Forte did live up to it’s expectations. No need for character introductions as this is a continuation of the first meaning the plot ran smoothly. The most funniest and ecchiest scene in this episode I s’pose was Sohara’s dream scene, where we see the truth of Sohara’s… well… personality. I, for one truly laughed my ass of this scene as we see the true M and Nympho Sohara truly is. Though sadly Sohara herself doesn’t seem to accept the fact as of yet… pitiful as it be… Anyhow, it’s great to see SoraOto return with a second season, this time with Astraea!

The OP on the other hand… CANNOT UNSEE 0:09!!

Basically, it’s actually the same as the first season and everything, ‘cept for the fact that this was sung by Soichiro Hoshi, the seiyuu for Tomoki. And it was slightly perverted. [Very.] Unknown if this will carry on in future episodes so we’ll have to wait!

On the other hand the ED carries on the tradition of a different ending theme each episode. Showing that Forte’s production budget is as huge ass as ever. With the first ED most likely sung by Mina, the seiyuu for Sohara, it seems…

Not one the best SoranoOto EDs ever, but one of the most soothing ones :>

On a criticism note, this episode lacked Nympth :(

Can’t wait for the next episode where Astraea appears!


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