Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt – 01

I wasn’t actually quite sure how to make of this show. But after a rally of tweets I seem to made while watching the first episode (lol), in the end the result was rather vague and debatable. Overall, Panty and Stocking barely remains in my watch list.

Warning notice: HATERS GONNA HATE.

I have no idea how to sound the summary of this episode, so I’ll cut to the chase and explain the overall plot.

The main plot-line of Panty and Stocking w/ Garterbelt are these two “Angels” in a place called Daten City where evil spirits and the like lurk. Their mission is to rid these evil minions and bring peace to the city, only that is, that Panty is a down-right whore who can’t but help to get laid with men she lays her eyes on at least TWICE in each episode and Stockings, the goth loli who seems to be addicted to speed sugar and proteins. Upon defeating the evil, they get whats called an Angels coin, which they must rally up in-order too…. well… just ANN it for now I don’t even know myself :P

Panty and Stocking follow the same episodic structure you’d see in any Cartoon Network cartoon. A 30-second OP/ED, while despite having planned 26 episodes, each episode will only be about approximately 10 minutes each with 2 episodes shown in one timeslot, meaning 13 double episodes with 2 episodes within. In my opinion, Panty and Stockings is more like a Japanese re-imagining of a American cartoon. Only fact is that this is done by Godly studio LOLGAINAX and the staff from other such hits like Eva and Gurren Lagann, which brings great controversy.

So the first part of the episode is this weird huge-ass monster thing made out of bucket piles of shit (yes, SHIT.) which is terrorising Daten City, possessed by an evil spirit of course. Panty and Stocking are off to the rescue to defeat the pile of shit (while Panty COVERED IN SHIT LOL) and to relieve the misery of the evil spirit. They collect only one angel coin.

Second part of the episode is typically a cat and mouse chase on the highway where Panty and Stocking hunt down another evil spirit thing which can possess any motor vehicle it can, while having a speed fetish and taking off with Panty’s well… panties, this makes it all the more troublesome. From a sports car to a lorry to a bullet train, Panty was able to get back her pair of $70 worth panties, which has the power to transform into a gun, Panty was able to stop the evil spirits wrong doings and took off with a random police officer to the “Immoral Motel”, the place where she usually does *it* with men. They collect three angel coins.

Note: On my old Acer laptop at the moment, meaning I unable to watck mkvs since they’ll screw up my laptop. Alas shitty SD quality Crunchyroll screens the way to go.

Garterbelt’s curry looks delectable…

Scatoogy? Oh Gainax.

For a minute there I thought I was watching Billy and Mandy! Oh 2007…

No fucking way.

I shall humbly imply that Stockings > Panty. Since Panty can simply cheat anyone in a snap ;_;

I actually quite like the first episode. Aside from the critisms from many people that perhaps P&S may not be a fully fledge anime at all, the animation I think is rather original and.. innovative, and also quite humorous especially the scenes where Panty gets *wild* at the *Immoral Motel* (Immoral Hotel? That’s new…). Compared to your usual Cartoon cartoon quality that is… I also quite like how the blatant visible bubble SFX flies around the screen every 5 or 6 seconds, which made it seem like a TV version off a comic book/manga with moving images and everything.

I was also, again, surprised that the typical “magical girl transformation sequence” for Panty and Stocking was rather… breathtaking. SUDDENLY, I see the good ole’ tradition Japanese anime art bestowed upon Panty and Stocking! Despite the fact that the scene was them pole dancing and taking off their panties and stockings… as seen below.

Meanwhile, over at ANN a certain elitistfag being… an elitistfag criticised this particular scene since this destroys Panty and Stocking’s cartoony style, by bringing back the old tradition anime art on the simple yet edifying characters. I, for one, am actually pleased to see an authentic anime version Panty and Stockings whether you like it or not. Least not this year I am going to make another rant post of how I realised ANN’s reviewing staffs are complete faggots and their first impressions are complete dramatised bullshit and just a scheme to rake in more views for themselves…

But on the downside (YES there are cons, EVEN for me), the plot for each episode appears to be going at slow pace for me, even being about 23 minutes each episode, watching the first seemed as if it were over half an hour, excluding the moments where I stop > screenshot > tweet on twitpic that is…haha
Other than the slow progressing plot and lack of MAIN plot, the show is fine as a whole new genre itself. It does also “mature content”, so I advise to all of you not to watch is there’s anyone behind you, that or if they’re surprisingly alright with it…


Needless to say, I think I’ll carry on watching Panties and Stockings since it’s actually that interesting for my pityful brain. OP/ED sequences are that of a mediocre standard so I’ll overlook that for now. But in the meantime, looking surprisingly forward to the next episode next Friday!